Trump Administration Pwns CNN with “Misdirection Play” on Immigration

President Trump’s alleged support for the “Gang of 8” bill, trumpeted yesterday by CNN turns out to be the old misdirection play. These media types are not that bright, after all, so why not?


Yesterday, right before President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress, in a piece that will soon appear at ClashDaily, entitled “Trump’s Amnesty for Illegals?,” I wrote:

On Tuesday, February 28, hours before President Donald Trump was scheduled to give his first speech to a joint session of Congress, the propagandists over at CNN and the Washington Post were giddy as they reported on the president’s having second thoughts about amnesty for illegal aliens. The WaPo reported that at a luncheon attended by several of the blow-dried T.V. Anchor buffoons from the Jurassic Media, he said ““The time is right for an immigration bill as long as there is compromise on both sides,” Trump told the anchors. His comments, reported by several of the journalists present, were confirmed by an attendee of the luncheon.”  The story also recalled that earlier this month, moderate democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who must know what it feels like to one of the remaining Northern Hairy-nosed Wombats, emerged to tell waiting reporters that the president was even willing to revisit the breathtakingly bad “Gang of Eight” bill. He’s for amnesty! He’s going to give the “DREAMers citizenship! Oh happy days are here again!

Not so fast, my dishonest friends. If that’s true, then why did he invite as family members of people murdered by illegal aliens to attend the speech? Why is is proceeding with deporting criminal illegals, including a “DREAMer” living in Washington State, who is also allegedly a gang member? 

Still, I have to concede, much of what I have been hearing about the issue of immigration coming out of the Trump administration had me extremely concerned. The issue of immigration is not only an existential issue, but it is the reason that we sent Donald Trump to the White House. It is as serious as a heart attack, which is what a lot of his supporters will be having If he flip flops on this issue. 

Except I don’t think he will. I think that Donald Trump is above all else a deal maker. He’s a salesman and a negotiator. He knows what we want and what needs to be done to restore the rule of law, end the illegal alien crime spree and do what’s best for the America he clearly loves very much.

So, let’s wait and see what he says, and what he does. More important, let’s remember that undoing the horrific damage done to this country by Barack Obama and his merry band of Marxists is not something that he can do alone. Stop and consider the very disturbing remarks of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) last Sunday on Bill Maher’s silly lib fest. Rep. Issa said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from any investigation into the mythical connections between members of the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin’s agents. The democrats, both the elected variety and those in the media, would be better off spending their time investigating Boris and Natasha’s efforts to get Moose and Squirrel, and they know it, but that didn’t stop Rep. Issa, a supporter of the President’s from enabling liberal squawking, even invoking a non-existent special prosecutor statute (it expired a couple of years ago). Why would he spout this foolishness? Yes, he’s from Crazyfornia, and yes, he was pandering to the barking moonbats in Bill Maher’s audience, but there’s another reason, and one that involves all of us; specifically, Rep.Issa had a near-death, as in near political death, experience in last November’s election. He was nearly beaten by a trial lawyer who has vowed to run again in 2018, and he fears for his hide. That’s where we come it. You see, Fellow Patriots, it’s not enough any more to simply vote. If we are going to help President Trump undo the effects of the gangsta Obama Regime, we have to step up and help the Republicans keep the steel in their spines, letting them know that they have more to fear from us than the Left. 

So let’s see what he’s says, and keep our powder dry. We know what to do when the time comes.

I guess the president decided that if CNN is going to spread false information, he may as well control it, which at least one commentator over at CNN finds a “cruel bait and switch.” More about the misdirection here.

What can I say? Told ya. Never doubt me.

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