Trump, Left for Dead by GOP, Comes Up Swinging, Wins Debate

Congratulations, Donald Trump. You won the 2nd Presidential Debate last night.


What’s that thing Don Draper used to say? “If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.”

Thanks to those of you whonjoined me in the chat room here last night, and on my Twitter feed. Yes, I am still in Facebook Jail. Stay tuned.

Donald Trump, true to form, sent the establishment GOP and the other liberals in the Lame Stream Media to their fainting couches 90 minutes before the debate by holding a press conference with several victims of Bill Clinton’s sex crimes, including Paula Jones, Juanita Broaderrick and Kathleen Willey. Also present was Kathy Shelton, who was a 12 year old rape victim when Hillary defended the accused rapist.

When the unofficial Clinton campaign apparatchiks over at CNN had to concede that Donald Trump had done well, they had an interesting spin. Are you ready for this? They said that Hillary deliberately avoided putting Trump away, which she could have easily done, but she was hoping he would do poorly and the weasels in the Establishment GOP would force him off the ticket. Oh yeah right. Because Hillary has got to be enjoying running, for the very first time in the Clintons’ political career, against someone who isn’t afraid to tell the truth about her embarrassing record of failure, scandal and stunning dishonesty.

Other points of interest:

Several whiny liberals on social media accused Trump of looking like a creepy stalker, roaming around the stage “menacing” Hillary. Nice try. That whole “oh the scary man is getting in my personal space” is SO last century.

One of Hillary’s advisers tweeted out “F**k you!” to Trump when the Donald said that had he been president, Col. Khan would not have been killed because we wouldn’t be in Iraq. Not a surprise. Hillary is a legendary potty mouth. This tweet came right around the time that Hillary was quoting her “friend” Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.” Trump responded by reminding Hillary of the mean things Mooch said about her in 2008. Remember? If you can’t run your own house, you don’t belong in the White House.

Martha Raddatz was obviously going for the Candy Crowley award. As expected, she was dismissive and nearly openly hostile toward Donald Trump. For part of the debate, I thought Anderson Cooper went out to get a sandwich, but then there he was, getting Hillary off the hook when Trump brought up her 33,000 deleted emails. Nicely played, Anderson.

I was very pleased that he brought up Obamacare, something that is, as he would say, a “disaster,” and which was completely left out in the first debate.

I was also pleased that he pinned her down on her desire to bring in thousands more unvetted Muslims from jihadist hotbeds.

No mention of immigration, but I suspect that will be a big part of the next debate.

One part of the debate that many, including me, loved was when Donald Trump vowed to have his Attorney General appoint a Special Prosecutor “to look into [her] situation,” you know the “situation” being lying under oath, destroying evidence and otherwise violating several federal statutes. When Hillary responded that it was a good thing that we don’t have someone with Trump’s temperament (this from a woman who throw heavy objects at her reprobate husband), he replied “because you would be in jail.” The liberal media went nuts on this one. They harrumphed about this sort of behavior, locking up ones political opponents, is banana republic stuff, thereby demonstrating that they are either as dumb as boxes of rocks or so have their ideological blinders on so tight that they can’t see how clueless they sound. It is Barack Obama’s lawlessness that has nearly turned our country into a banana republic, with his pen and phone, and his separate sets of rules for the rich and powerful, and his cronies. It is Donald Trump who wants to return us to the rule of law by holding Hillary accountable for her many crimes.

The only thing stopping this country from going over the cliff is Donald Trump. We will know in 4 weeks whether Barack Obama’s “remaking” of America has gone so far that we can’t be brought back from the brink.

What did you think of the debate? Please let me know in the comments below.


  1. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of Trump’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

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