VIDEO: Trump Muslim Pause Disqualifying? I’ll Give You Disqualifying

Obama Paid Liar Josh Earnest, Mouthpiece for Marxist in the White House, Declares Trump Ineligible to Be President. Seriously?

You want to see disqualifying? Watch this video.

Current Obama mouthpiece, the inaptly-named Josh Earnest, has some very notable things on his highlight reel, including stonewalling magnificent journalist, and two-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Sharyl Attkisson’s request for photographs of our Dear Reader during the Benghazi murders. He refused to even return her calls or emails. Even after yesterday’s revelation that Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods could have been saved if Obama and Hillary had responded to the military’s offer to send help, we still don’t know where the One was while Islamist terrorists were attacking on September 11, 2012.

Watch Obama’s paid liar, mouthpiece for a guy who has been blowing his nose on the Constitution for nearly 7 years, declare Trump ineligible to take the oath to defend the Constitution

Now, we have the spectacle of this pathetic paid liar declaring that Donald Trump’s idea of stopping the Islamic invasion of our country, engineered by Obama as part of his “remaking” America to change the electorate, disqualifies him from consideration from holding the office of President. This assertion from a spokesman for a man who is not only the least qualified person ever to occupy the Oval Office, but whose statements over his entire political career demonstrate an overt hostility toward the Constitution! Watch the video above if you have any doubt. The very fact that Barack Obama proudly touted his past as a “community organizer” should have been enough to render his campaign dead in the water, and it would have if the Left hadn’t been so successful in its 60-year+ mission to dumb down the electorate. A “community organizer” is an acolyte of communist Saul Alinsky, a person dedicated to stirring up rage and a sense of entitlement in the “have nots,” creating class warfare and chaos to facilitate wealth redistribution. Other than sharia law, I can’t think of anything more incompatible with our precious Constitution.

So, to summarize, here is how low we have fallen in the age of the first Marxist American president. A presidential candidate who wants to protect America from an invasion of people whose culture and values are at war with the Constitution is declared unfit to be president by the official fabricator for someone who never belonged within 100 miles of the office.

As I stated here yesterday, I wouldn’t have proposed what Donald Trump did. I would favor a ten-year ban on all immigration and refugee resettlement. In addition, I favor Rand Paul’s amendment suspending visas to more than 30 countries that are hotbeds of jihadist activity. That said, given the fact that jihadist bride Tasheen Malik was able to enter the U.S. despite our currently “rigorous” vetting process, I don’t think Mr. Trump’s suggestion that we stop allowing people whose religion may require “jihad” in the country until we can figure out how to avoid future mistakes like the one that lead to San Bernardino is at all unreasonable.

Mr. Earnest is a pathetic weasel, who compounded the absurdity of his denunciation of Donald Trump given the disgraceful disaster of a president that he represents by mocking Mr. Trump’s “fake hair,” which is not. Has he ever seen First Klingon Moochelle?


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