Trump Spx Busts CNN Hypocritical Outrage Over GOP Candidate Comments

Yes, CNN is still trying to drag Hillary’s dumpy pantsuit clad rear end across the finish line.

There is a hilarious bit of unintentional comedy here. Scroll down for more about that.

This morning’s object of their feigned outrage, or I should one of them, was a “caught on tape” comment by Sen. Richard Burr, expressing disappointment that there wasn’t a bullseye on a photo of Hillary Clinton. Lame joke, and guaranteed to set off the phony indignation on the part of the Clinton campaign, especially the branch over at CNN.

Watch as democrat hack Bakari Sellers does the fake outrage act only to be shut down by Jeffrey Lord who cites just one example of a democrat joking about killing a political opponent, in this case John “Lurch” Kerry in 2004 joking about assassinating George W. Bush, which inspired ZERO criticism from other democrats, including the media.

Now, here is the HILARIOUS part. Watch Alisyn Camarota, at ~2:11, who is thoroughly flummoxed when Mr. Lord mentions Lurch’s lame “Kill W” joke.

Here, from 2004, is Lurch joking about murdering a sitting president. I guess he forgot that I do the comedy.


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