The Truth About Obamacare’s Phony “Victory,” and the Gay Gestapo Whacks Again: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 4-6-14

On the docket today:

Why Does the Left Hate Free Speech?

Liberals squeal like pigs over the Supreme Court’s latest campaign finance decision, failing to explain how they could support Barack Obama, who sanctimoniously supported public financing for presidential campaigns, then, after discovering that using his black skin privilege and celebutard appeal, he could raise $1 billion, chose to reject it. How can anyone who voted for this phony liar speak out against money in politics? This braying jackass is the poster child for it!

Meanwhile, the Gay Gestapo whacks another one who dared to oppose their relentless agenda. Do you realize how we reached this point? It didn’t happen overnight. If you’ve forgotten, or don’t know, we’ll unpack that.

Why Does the Left Hate Science?


On the show a couple of weeks ago we described the unfortunate blathering of a vacuous actress, who because she’s married to Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler has a megaphone, about her decision to expose her children, other people’s children, to serious diseases. Now, thanks to other well-intentioned, but uninformed people like her, measles is making a comeback in some communities. The Left continues to bleat junk science about not only vaccines, but “climate change.” Why?

The Truth about Obamacare’s Phony Victory of 7.1 million Signups
Actually, according to Rand, only about 800,000 of the people who signed up were previously uninsured. For this we are in the process of destroying our health care system, one that the vast majority of people found satisfactory, if imperfect? The One was in full Alinsky mode earlier this week, telling more whoppers, including the hilarious one that the Regime didn’t make a “hard sell” on Obamacare.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.



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