The Truth About the Taliban 5, Plus Obama’s Lack of Class on Display AGAIN: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday, June 8, 2014

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While partisan operatives, sometimes called “journalists” obsess over the political impact of Barack Hussein Obama’s recent decision to turn over five dangerous American-hating guys in exchange for one clueless American-hating guy, what part of the story are the omitting? As usual, it’s not possible to understand what’s really happening if you don’t have all the facts. Our friends in the Lame Stream Media are leaving out one very critical fact regarding these five detainees, and the Regime’s dramatic shift in attitude toward them. What could be behind it? And what about the bill on its way to the One’s desk for signature that may bring some of the most vicious, Islamo-fascist murderers to a town near you?

In the wake of California Chrome’s lost in yesterday’s Belmont Stakes, one of his owners decided it would be a good idea to whine like a pathetic ass over the “unfairness” of it all. Is it he right, or has the obsession with “fairness” at all costs, even in the area of athletic competition, the same philosophy that says it’s wrong to keep score during children’s soccer games because someone might feel bad, infected the Triple Crown?

There he goes again: what was Obama doing during the 70th anniversary of D-Day that had French tweeters disgusted by his lack of class?

Be ahead of the curve! Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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