Tweet That Says it All: Political Correctness Kills

NSA, Radical Islamists, Tsarnaev Brothers, Foot Hood

As the always insightful and clever Mr. Treacher writes:

It’s bigoted to notice when Muslims are becoming radicalized. That’s why 14 people had to die at Ft. Hood. That’s why the Tsarnaevs had to be allowed to bomb the Boston Marathon. That’s why Ambassador Christopher Stevens had to become a human sacrifice to the ambitions of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

You wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, would you, teabagger?

Can anyone tell me why this isn’t the lead story on every newscast? Over at Moron Central, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” this a.m., the lead stories were the collapse of a deck at a Miami sports bar and the weather, which is why I say that these network “news” shows are one of the most destructive forces in America because they allow people are ridiculously ignorant about politics and public policy, and the decisions that dramatically effect all of our lives to walk around believing that they are well-informed, when in reality they could not possibly be more clueless.


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