21 Things You Have to Believe To Support Amnesty for Illegals

1. That the “amnesty first, border security later (as in never)” approach employed once before in 1986 will work out differently this time. From Mickey Kaus, who has brilliant on this issue:

I’ve been trying to think of the right metaphor for the giant Corker-Hoeven amendment, the one that is reportedly giving the Gang of 8′s immigration bill enough votes to pass the Senate. Sure, it’s a fig leaf–but a fig leaf is usually something insignificant-yet-real. This is something grandiose that’s a fraud.

The best I can come up with is this: A man comes into your restaurant. You recognize him–he’s a guy who ate a $100 meal last year and said he’d pay later, but he stiffed you. Now he’s back and wants another meal on credit. He senses you are wary and makes a new offer. “This time I’ll pay you … $2 million! How can you refuse? It’s 2 million dollars!”

You get the idea.  Just try and collect.

2. That the same Congress that just last month refused to include a provision delaying amnesty and legalization for the millions of illegals before building the 700-miles of fencing already required by a 2006 law is serious about border security.

3. That the same Congress that just last week refused to include a provision with a quantifiable metric, the Cornyn amendment, to prove that the border is secure is serious about border security.

4. The legislation covertly written by Barack Obama’s point person on amnesty, and the congressional staffs of Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Dick Durbin, is better for the the United States than it is for the Democrat party.

5. That a law supported by the SEIU is better for the the United States than it is for the Democrat party.

6. That once these new Democrats are legalized, the same Democrats demanding this “historic” legislation will roll up their sleeves and get right to those “tough” border security provisions.

7. That anytime a policy is described as “historic” it should not be examined very carefully before being implemented.

8. That legislation that allows Janet Napolitano to waive the requirement of new “required” fencing or new technology in the Corker-Schumer-Obama “border security” amendment will actually secure the border.

9. That legislation that automatically legalizes illegals no matter what after 10 years if implementation of its provision is delayed by litigation (here at page 12). Gee, I guess once La Raza or the ACLU files the lawsuits that they already have prepared, it’s a done deal.

10. That it’s a good idea for members of Congress to vote for legislation that they haven’t read a la the February 2009 stimulus and Obamacare. Remember all those great earmarks in that “stimulus,” including $200,000 for tattoo removal (here at p.283) for gang members? As Byron York notes,

On Friday, Republican Sen. Bob Corker anticipated such concerns and sought to reassure the public by saying that everyone will have 75 hours to read the amendment before the vote. “I know we have had a lot of people on the floor who have criticized this legislation without reading it,” Corker said. “I know it has been called a magic amendment. I will just say to people who care about border security — and obviously numbers of people on our side of the aisle care deeply about that — read the bill. By filing cloture today [Friday] on this amendment, it is going to give everybody in this body and in the nation the opportunity to read this piece of legislation for 75 hours before the cloture vote occurs.”

If one started as Corker spoke and devoted 16 hours a day to nothing but studying the bill, one would have to cover about 24 pages an hour to finish the legislation. That’s certainly doable — if one has 16 hours a day for three days to do the job. But it’s also not easy, because reading the amendment requires comparing the new text to the original text of the bill to try to spot changes. Despite what Sen. Corker says, it’s not a lot of time.

11. That a future Congress, desperate for cash as the bankrupting of America continues, will not decide to repeal the provisions that require billions more in spending on border security. Sen. Leahy is already making noises about how this border security money is like “a Christmas wish list for Halliburton.”

12. That it will make it easier for young people to get jobs and pay off their student loans with millions of new people competing with them for jobs. What if you are looking for a job as a paralegal, or in marketing? Who do you think might be more attractive to an employer, you, or someone with identical credentials who is bilingual? Speaking English and being fluent in Spanish will make the latter candidate even more attractive after we’ve opened the floodgates to millions of people who barely speak a word of English, won’t it?

13. That a bill that even the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which must rely on assumptions provided by proponents of this bill in Congress, says will depress wages for 12 years is good for American workers.

14. That a bill that that same CBO says will reduce the flow of illegals into the country by only 25% is a solution to the problem of illegal immigration.

15. That it is fair to reward law-breaking by giving $590,000 in lifetime benefits to a person who pays a $2000 fine for knowingly and willfully violating the laws of the United States.

16. That is better to do may be politically expedient than it is to do what is just, fair and fiscally-responsible.

17. That a person with a 10th grade education will pay more in taxes over a lifetime that he will receive in benefits from the federal government.

18. That people who are beholden to the federal government for generous “entitlements” won’t vote for people strictly on the basis of who will insure that those benefits continue, and preferably increase.

19. That illegals given special “provisional” status won’t be permitted to vote.

20. That if 70 people (Senators) jump off a bridge, all the other members of Congress should follow them.

21. That this amnesty scheme is not the ultimate realization of the Cloward-Piven Strategy devised to destroy capitalism and the United States that we know and love.

Please call your senators and ask if he or she believes these things. You can find call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at  (202) 224-3121 and they will connect you. You can also find a list of phone numbers and email address here in this online directory (the banner link in Español is a nice touch–if you speak Spanish, please call and express your opinion in what may soon be our national language.)

While you’re at it, also ask if he or she believes in the Tooth Fairy.


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