Twin Falls Rape Story Updated: Alleged Perps Are Refugees from Iraq and Sudan

Yesterday we reported, inaccurately, that the alleged perps in the Twin Falls sexual assault of a 5 year old are Syrian refugees. We have recently learned that while they are from refugee families, they are not from Syria. Rather, apparently, although their origin is still confirmed, they are “refugees” from Iraq and Sudan.

Twin Falls

Photo provided to World Net Daily by local residents.

Another inaccuracy in the initial report was that the 5-year old victim was held at knife point. The latest report says that there was no knife involved.

From one-time Teri O’Brien Show (listen to the interview here) guest Leo Hohman at World Net Daily:

“There was no gang rape, there was no Syrian involvement, there were no Syrian refugees involved, there was no knife used, there was no inactivity by the police,” Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs told the Spokesman Review, a local newspaper. “I’m looking at the Drudge Report headline: ‘Syrian Refugees Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho’ – all false.”

But an attack did occur.

Jolene Payne, an 89-year-old retired nurse who lives at the complex, told WND she was an eye witness to the incident and gave her account to police the day after it happened.

“This happened three weeks ago around 3:30. I was sitting on my porch patio and I looked over and saw this boy taking pictures with a camera,” Payne told WND. “He was from Africa or somewhere overseas, standing outside the laundry room taking pictures of kids in the laundry room.”

She said she immediately walked over to the laundry room and opened the door.

“I found them in there. I knew there was something going on because the boy (with the phone camera) was acting funny, he was taking pictures but he was telling the two younger boys what to do,” she said.

She said the boy filming the assault is 14 and the two who were inside the laundry room with the girl are ages 7 and 10, all of whom she described as having “dark cloudy skin and curly hair.”

When she flung open the door she found a disturbing scene.

“The door was cracked enough for him to see the pictures he was taking. I opened that door and I almost fainted when I saw what was going on and here I’m a nurse,” Payne said. “What a pitiful thing for a poor little girl to go through.”

The “little tiny white girl, 5 years old,” was standing there with her clothes off. The two younger boys were also naked.

“The police came and then the next day detectives came and talked to me alone,” Payne said.

“All I know is what I told them. The worst thing was the way they peed all over her clothes and on her too, and I thought that was one of the meanest things I’ve ever saw done,” she added. “And we know those kids must know a lot more than the kids in America of that age. I’ve never seen any of them do anything like that to little girls, and we have a lot of children around here.”

“The little girl had no clothes on. The boys took them off. The littlest boy said ‘we didn’t do it, he told us to,’ pointing to the older boy. They’re just kids that have a mother and they moved here from overseas. The women don’t even talk any English, some of them do, but others don’t. They wear long dresses and long black things on their heads.

‘She was scared to death’

There was no knife involved, Payne said.

“I saw two boys and one little girl scared to death,” she continued. “I told them boys you better get your clothes on. She was scared to death, crying ‘Grandma Jo, Grandma Jo, help me.’ I’m not her grandmother but that’s what all the kids around here call me.”

The little girl’s mother is not in good health and her father works during the day, Payne said, adding that the parents are close friends of hers.…

Twin Falls has not received any Syrian refugees but it has received 308 refugees from mostly Muslim Iraq and another 161 mostly Muslim Sudanese refugees since 2009, according to the U.S. State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

Idaho has received 57 Syrian refugees since the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011 but all have been resettled in Boise, not Twin Falls, according to the federal database.

It’s not surprising that initial reports of these crimes involving “refugees” are sometimes incomplete or inaccurate. In this case, because the alleged perps are juveniles, the case is sealed. In addition, as our friend and one time Teri O’Brien Show guest Ann Corcoran told World Net Daily:

‘Nobody should be stunned’

But nobody should be “stunned” by any report involving refugees, says Ann Corcoran, who has been following the refugee program for the past nine years with the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch.

“The reason that things get embellished is because the federal government and the contractors they hire to resettle refugees have operated in secrecy for 35 years and the public doesn’t know what is going on,” Corcoran told WND. “If they were forthright with us these things wouldn’t get embellished. Have them tell us the truth. If they say this is untruthful then tell us what is the truth, that’s one thing. In this community for this to happen, it confirms what the critics have been saying all along. And you have the left saying everything is just sweetness and light and it’s all such a good thing so when a bad thing happens they have to keep it secret.”

Of course they do! Just as the Obama Regime tries to rewrite history by scrubbing the transcripts of the Orlando Islamic terrorist’s calls to 911 to try to pretend that the bloodbath at the Pulse nightclub had NOTHING to do with Islam. Muslims are a leftist mascot group, part of the Downtrodden, victimized by the traditional American society that Obama and his fellow Marxists despise, where a man and a woman get married, move to those bastions of white privilege, the suburbs and then have their children. They even go to church. So quaint! Not coincidentally, those who follow that pattern tend to be more successful, and so do their children, and–wait for it–that’s not “fair!”

We will continue to follow the issue of “refugees” (actual economic migrants) that are a key part of Obama’s “remaking” America.


  1. Not exactly the behavior one would expect from people who should be grateful for being given refuge in this country. It is reports like these that make me wonder just how much of this deplorable activity goes on unreported in their home countries away from the prying eyes of the infidels. I suspect that this type of depravity was engaged in regularly by the adult males of ISIS who are now buying and selling sex slaves.

    • Robert, if you go to the link to the jihadwatch report mentioned in this post, Robert Spencer (publisher of that blog) reports on how rape and sex slavery of infidel women is a well-respected and long-standing Islamic tradition. When guilt-ridden moron Angela Merkel threw open Germany to millions of these Muslims, suddenly we saw rape and sexual assault in German cities. Why would we think it wouldn’t happen here? Obama doesn’t care about the “collateral damage:” American schools, local law enforcement burdened with these unassimilated people, the millions spent on welfare, etc. etc. because importing the Third World is part of his “remaking” America project. He needs to change the demographics of the country to make it more hospitable to his ideology. He has a sentimental soft spot for Islam. When you combine his commitment to keeping power in the hands of the Left with his warm and fuzzy feelings for Islam, his actions make perfect sense.

  2. Karen, let me thank you again for spreading the word by sharing our posts. I suspect that you, like me, are frustrated by the fact that so many of our fellow citizens have had the wool pulled over their eyes by the pretend news. I do what I do to try to help everyone become as well informed as possible. I know that everyone is very pressed for time, and I hope to make it easier. Thanks again!

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