Ultimate Irony: Will Obama be Disqualified from Running in 2012? Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

If we were to describe the Obama administration in one word, it would be difficult, but several options do spring to mind. “Stagnation,” certainly wold be on the list, when we think of our limping economy, which Barack Obama pledged to fix. Considering the frequent White House celebrity-studded soirèes, the lavish luxury vacations, Michelle’s full-time makeup artist and fly-ins for their personal trainer, “extravagance” is another word we could use, which brings us to something that probably comes a lot closer, “hypocrisy.”

All of these words are spot on, but there is one that captures the essence of this administration better than any other, and that word is “lawless.” Michele Bachman was completely accurate when she referred to “gangster government.” Consider the following:

  • The Solyndra scandal
  • His continuation of an offshore oil drilling moratorium, despite its being struck down by a U.S. District judge, an action that resulted in the administration being held in contempt of court
  • His “recess” appointments, deemed legal by one of his own administration’s lackeys in the White House counsel’s office, including the appointment of Richard Cordray, head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This last one particularly offensive, since the very stature creating this position requires Senate confirmation

The latest example of this bunch thumbing its nose at the rule of law and the other brances of government, occurred this past Thursday, when Barack Obama defied Georgia administrative judge, the Honorable Michael Malihi’s order that he appear and produce documents to respond to a challenge to his eligibility to appear on the ballot. Today we are delighted to welcome back Van Irion, founder of the Liberty Legal Foundation, lead attorney in the case arguing the position that Barack Hussein Obama is not an Article II “natural born citizen.” Why did Obama fail to appear through his attorney? Is this just another example of his administration’s lawlessness or is there something else behind it? What’s the end game? If the judge enters a judgement against Obama, what will be the practical effect? And what about the political implications? Is this litigation a gift to the Obama campaign? Could this be the ultimate irony: a lawless administration disqualified from consideration in the upcoming election because of its very existence violates the law?

Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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