Understanding Obama’s “Baffling” Approach to ISIS

Does this video speak volumes about Obama’s surrender to ISIS?

On Monday, November 17, while at the G-20, Barack Obama put on a clinic on delusion disguised as a news conference that left the entire world, including even our leftist “mainstream” media extremely confused. As you know, the previous Friday, ISIS had conducted a vicious terror attack in Paris, and that was the subject of most of the questions directed to the president. Of course, that was to be expected. It was his answers that left people scratching their heads. Mark Halperin called his performance “baffling.” Joe Scarborough called it “disconnected from reality.” The Washington Post noted that he was “peevish” and “petulant,” which was clearly the case. How dare the media ask him if he had underestimated ISIS and whether he was going to change his approach? Why? Because of some “setback,” the killing and serious injury of hundreds of innocent people in Paris the Friday before?  You. Cannot. Be. Serious.

It’s difficult to understand how anyone could look at the photos of the murdered victims who comprise the “setback,” while realizing that they spent their last moments alive in sheer terror, and not become enraged and committed to destroy this very dangerous enemy. Yet, we saw none of that from Obama, something that should surprise no one.

To understand Obama’s detached and dismissive approach, it’s important to start with understanding that he is not really interested in defeating ISIS. Reality is not optional, and the reality, painful as it may be for some to accept, is that Barack Obama sympathizes with the views of America’s enemies, including ISIS. There are three reasons for his very disturbing and dangerous mindset.

Radical Leftist Ideology

It disgusts the Left that this country, while not established as explicitly “Christian nation,” was founded by men who were Christians themselves and were guided by Christian principles. The ideas that human beings were created in the image of God, and “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights” are evidence that Christianity was an essential part of the founding of America. And the Left HATES that fact! They view it as a disgusting vestige of that 1950’s Ward and June Cleaver America that they despise. Barack Obama is no exception. One way to combat the dominance of Christianity in America is to foster “diversity,” by importing Muslims who will change our country’s demographics.

Obama’s radical leftist ideology is the same reason that he wants to make sure that Iran gets nuclear weapons. If you want to tick off a Leftist, state that America is the world’s sole superpower. That’s anathema to them, and one way to change that is to build up other countries and make them more powerful as a way to diminish America. In their minds, that’s just justified payback. (For more on President Payback’s Secret Plan to Build Up Iran, see this post. )

Cynical Political Calculation

Speaking of demographics, Obama knows the benefits to the democrat party of importing low-skilled, semi-literate people who support a  big government that will give them free stuff. These folks are natural democrats, and the voting patterns of immigrants supports that fact. As David Horowitz noted last month over at Conservative Review,:

  • 69% of immigrants support Obamacare. (2010 Cooperative Congressional Election Study)
  • 75% of Hispanic immigrants prefer a “bigger government providing more services,” compared to 41% of the general population who share that belief. (Pew Research)
  • Only 50% of naturalized citizens think “schools should teach children to be proud Americans,” compared to 81% of native-born Americans who believe in educational patriotism.  Just 37% of naturalized citizens think “the U.S. Constitution is a higher authority than international law,” compared to 67% of natives who believe in sovereignty.  And whereas 85% of Americans consider themselves as U.S. citizens rather than “citizens of the world,” just 54% of naturalized citizens even appreciate this foundational sentiment.  (Harris Interactive Survey done for Hudson Institute, which published a jolting report in 2013 on the failure of patriotic assimilation.)  Remember, since our Founding immigration law in 1790, all naturalized citizens had to swear off their prior allegiance and pledge allegiance to the Constitution.

Sentimental Emotional Memory

At the risk of engaging in psychobabble, let me remind you that Barack Obama’s family tree is, to say the least, pretty twisted. The identity of his natural father is by no means clear. (Apologies to any liberals who wandered over here. I realize that I may have caused your heads to explode.) For the sake of argument let’s assume that Barack Obama, the African student, is his natural father. The narrative of the happy little family, with baby Barack and his loving parents, Stanley and Barack Sr, living blissfully in Hawaii collapsed a long time ago. Barack Sr was a bigamist and unrepentant womanizer who abandoned Stanley and Barack Jr shortly after he was born. The only time when young Barack Obama lived in any semblance of a normal nuclear family was while he was Barry Soetoro in Indonesia after his mother married her second husband. His stepfather Lolo was a Muslim, and he was identified as a Muslim in his school records in Indonesia. It’s not a coincidence that he has stated The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.” (For more stunning quotes from Obama on the subject of Islam, check out this article.)

As Lenin said “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” It’s clear that Barack Obama has a very soft spot in his heart for Islam, something that I suspect is a result of his childhood experience.

So, when you see Obama’s lack of enthusiasm for taking it to ISIS (and other enemies of America for that matter), understand that it’s not a bug. It’s a feature.


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  1. Never forget that Barack (Barry) Obama sent millions hiding all his records and Wayne Allyn Root, Columbia class of ’83 never met him and had the same major. None of hos professors of friends heard of Barry or Barack.
    Have you ever heard of any Barack’s girl friends talking about him? You do hear about Bill Clintons many rape victims though.

    • We had Wayne Allyn Root on The Teri O’Brien Show, and he talked about his time at Columbia, and he shared his thought that the reason that Obama’s college records are sealed is that he got admitted as a foreign student, which seems very plausible to me.

      • You can take that to the bank. And, his Muslim and Communist roots can be traced to his father, and alcoholic commie who knocked up Anne Dunham, a 60’s commie hippie while he was still married to a woman in Kenya who had his other kid. Oops. In Obama’s case , too bad they did not have access to Planned Parenthood.

  2. I forgot, BH’s REAL father is Frank Marshall Davis.The real identity of Barak Obama’s father is widely believed to be a Kenyan man of Africa, much has been made of his birth certificate for not being genuine. The real story however is much darker than the current narrative. If there was ever going to be a Manchurian candidate that makes it to the oval office; Barack Obama fits that description very well. Barack Obama’s real father was Frank Marshall Davis; a Communist Party USA propagandist who shaped Obama’s world view during his formative years. This is not the worst of it this man Davis is flawed for many others reasons. The Kenyan man will look to be much more presentable than his biological father. A book written by Marshall Davis entitled: Sex Rebel: Black, 1968, details formative years. exploits and lurid lifestyle of the man who shaped Obama’s thinking.
    Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7cd_1400499320#GzI0PQ5JwHFLE71y.99

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