VIDEO: “Undocumented” College Students Taunt Customs and Border Protection Recruiters

Undocumented students could find this a “triggering” event! Where is the safe space for law breakers, People!

Don’t you love the “hey hey ho ho” chant? Classic!

“Undocumented” students protest Customs and Border Protection recruiters on their campus. They aren’t eligible for these jobs, but apparently they don’t want their fellow students to have the opportunity to get them. Why? Because there should be no border, and therefore no border protection, of course!

From The College Fix:

Students at the University of California, Santa Barbara launched an aggressive protest at a job fair, chanting “fuck your borders” at recruiters trying to solicit applications for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). …

One of the graduate students participating in the protest complained that CBP’s presence at the job fair was “triggering” for students, because it suggested the campus wasn’t a safe space for illegal immigrants.

“We do have undocumented students here on campus who are at potential risk,” Idalia Robles told The College Fix. “This is a very triggering event for people in those circumstances. There is no space on this campus for an organization that continues to threaten the safety of students.”

Right, because we wanted anyone breaking the law to be uncomfortable. Wait, shouldn’t breaking the law be uncomfortable?


  1. “Hey hey ho ho” the illegals must go is my chant. This is out of control. You would think that Obama is trying to overwhelm our welfare system….more than he has?
    The French Revolution had the right idea about the ruling class, “off with their heads”.

  2. I keep hearing about how we can’t deport 12 million people. Every journey begins with a single step. Perhaps we should start small and then work our way up to bigger numbers. Let’s start by deporting just 12. We can then try to tackle 120, focusing on the worst of the worse. We can then move on to sending 1200 of them on their way. It may take a while but eventually we can probably but a sizeable dent in that 12 million. We won’t make any headway whatsoever if we simply refuse to deport even a single one while thousands pour in over the unsecured borders every day. Importing thousands more from the Middle East isn’t going to help solve the problem either. When I served in the Navy we were taught the concept of damage control. You start by addressing the biggest and most damaging problems first and reducing the amount of damage they are causing. This is one issue that could benefit greatly from the judicious application of some damage control.

    • Do not forget that the thousands pouring over the open border bring diseases that were eradicated a hundred years ago. Also, we have over 500-600,ooo visa overstays who are lost in the system. DHS along with VA do not work for us. Oops, they do but forget. Must be Obamasheimers.

      • Yes, disease is a more troubling part of the damage that so badly needs to be controlled. I am old enough to remember when deaths from many childhood diseases were commonplace. I would rather not see that grim specter become commonplace once again.

        • Starnes told Hannity detainee camps, like the one in Artesia, are full of children potentially carrying deadly diseases.

          “They have kids that have scabies. They also say they have chicken pox and an all out epidemic of lice so severe they say the bugs can be seen crawling down the faces of the children,” Starnes said.

          Starnes cited an Associated Press article saying there are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis inside of a Texas immigration camp.

          In New Mexico, neighbors have voiced similar concerns about diseases.

          “No one likes to hear that something is being brought in that’s so dangerous,” said Marilyn Edington.

          Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials, who are in charge of the Artesia facility, say New Mexicans have nothing to fear.
          Nothing to fear EXCEPT, these are the kids they caught. They have NO IDEA about how many they do not catch.
          STAND BY!

  3. The real horror is that our electorate has been so corrupted be the liberal indoctrination of our youth has resulted in keeping a POTUS in power who is hell bent on destroying us for revenge of what he believes we imperialists deserve. His Muslim faith believes that the infidels must be vanquished and the Grand Caliphate be created. He will do all in his power to effect this.
    God help us!

  4. Seriously. May God help us over the next year, especially.

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