VIDEO: “Undocumented” College Students Taunt Customs and Border Protection Recruiters

Undocumented students could find this a “triggering” event! Where is the safe space for law breakers, People!

Don’t you love the “hey hey ho ho” chant? Classic!

“Undocumented” students protest Customs and Border Protection recruiters on their campus. They aren’t eligible for these jobs, but apparently they don’t want their fellow students to have the opportunity to get them. Why? Because there should be no border, and therefore no border protection, of course!

From The College Fix:

Students at the University of California, Santa Barbara launched an aggressive protest at a job fair, chanting “fuck your borders” at recruiters trying to solicit applications for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). …

One of the graduate students participating in the protest complained that CBP’s presence at the job fair was “triggering” for students, because it suggested the campus wasn’t a safe space for illegal immigrants.

“We do have undocumented students here on campus who are at potential risk,” Idalia Robles told The College Fix. “This is a very triggering event for people in those circumstances. There is no space on this campus for an organization that continues to threaten the safety of students.”

Right, because we wanted anyone breaking the law to be uncomfortable. Wait, shouldn’t breaking the law be uncomfortable?

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