Unintentionally Hilarious: Liberals Still Unhinged After All These Years

Is it just me, or is it HILARIOUS to see liberals wringing their hands about why we are so angry?

Check out the latest cover of Esquire magazine. It’s not like they’re unhinged or anything, right?

Unhinged Liberals Outraged by Trump

As I often say, truth is the new hate speech. You can quote me.

Yes, we are angry, watching Obama and his merry band of Marxists destroy the country we grew up in, suck up to our enemies, kick long-term allies to the curb, and blow their noses on the Constitution every single day for nearly 7 years. Donald Trump has the courage to defy political correctness and say what many red-blooded Americans have been thinking for years.

Why are liberals angry? Because of lies like “Hands up Don’t Shoot.” Because they can’t get the dirtbag politicians they vote for to steal from us fast enough to give them free stuff. Because they blame their own low achievement on this “downright mean” country.

It’s pretty obvious which of the two causes of anger makes more sense, isn’t it? Except to liberals, who are so blinded by rage that they are incapable of logic, reason, or seeing common sense when it is right in front of them.

Oh and the Republican Party is “composed of pandering liars stoking fear on guns” because they oppose Obama’s latest illegal despotic attempt to legislate.

GOP Pro Death Party

You can always count on the New York Daily News for a calm rational analysis of a public policy proposal.

Maybe liberals should go back to trying to figure out why the murderous Islamist lunatics hate us so much. The first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack seems like a good day to remember the “legitimacy” of the anger expressed there, right Sec. Kerry?



  1. I find it interesting that the Left bends over backwards to get the Arabs to like us. Heck, German Leftists are even condoning the molestation of their women. These people need to be heard. As ¡Yeb! would say: “It’s an act of love.” The RINOs give the democrats EVERYTHING they wanted and they still don’t like republicans, much like the Arabs still hate America. Any Republican, even a RINO, that speaks up is a hater. These Democrats hate Republicans, and America, more than they love their children. Just like the headchoppers, only different.

    Remember when I’mADinnerJacket and Hugo Chavez were photographed smooching? It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

    I certainly hope there will be a war-crimes tribunal after the election. And we bring back waterboarding- Hillary can be first.

    • Oh Mensa, don’t tease me like that, with fantasies of Pantsuit being waterboarded and forced to admit her many, many crimes! Yes, we can definitely connect the “I hate America” dots, but the insane on the Left. Michael Savage was so right when he said that liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Dr. Savage hits the nail on the head every time. As a follower, I see that he warns us of the liberal disease infecting us.
        Hillary is a “women” devoid of conscience and moral fiber. Atypical of the disease known as Democrat. To see Elijah Cummings defend her is beyond repulsion. The woman is trash and needs to be behind bars. Pray that she will answer for her sins soon.

        • Savage? Who is this Savage?

          “Liberalism is a disease, just like tuberculosis of the spine. Liberalism works like that on the soul. Appearances become deceptive and the consequences of clearly present causes are dismissed as superstition. There are people even now who don’t believe that Napoleon was in Moscow. … The most shameful products of godlessness destroy human feelings of nobility … Black becomes white, darkness is called light …. I have, as in the case of physical disease, mentioned the mental symptoms of the final stages. God forbid that you, my friend, should be seriously ill. But you seem to me to be sick, because disbelief in conspiracy is the first unmistakable symptom of the liberalism that dessicates the soul.”

          Letter of Friedrich Wilhelm IV to Christian Bunsen, Prussian Ambassador to England, March 1848.

          • Whoa-is this for real? Was this Wilhelm dude talking about the ideology that afflicts modern day liberals or classic liberals like John Stuart Mill? (and yes, I’ll let you sit back and reflect on the seriousness of a site that actually mentions John Stuart Mill.)

        • She is the embodiment of evil, IMO, and I will celebrate for days non-stop when she is finally where she belongs, that is, behind bars.

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