Sound Off To the White House. The United States DOES NOT Need To Take in Illegals Australia Rejected

Headed out the door, the Obama Regime made a deal to take in over 1000 illegals that Australia refuses to resettle in their country.


Remember that secret Australian refugee deal that we have discussed on The Teri O’Brien Show, another stink bomb that Jackass Obama left in the Oval Office on his way out the door, which he made on November 4? If not, here’s the 411 on that.

From CBS News, describing the deal the Obama and John Kerry made

The United States has agreed to resettle an unspecified number of refugees languishing in Pacific island camps in a deal that is expected to inspire more asylum seekers to attempt to reach Australia by boat, officials said on Sunday.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would not say whether he had discussed the deal with President-elect Donald Trump during their telephone conversation on Thursday. The Obama administration had agreed to resettle refugees among almost 1,300 asylum seekers held at Australia’s expense on the island nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Another 370 who came to Australia for medical treatment then refused to return to the islands would also be eligible.

“We deal with one administration at a time and there is only one president of the United States at a time,” Turnbull told reporters.

Trump has called for a moratorium or tight restrictions on Muslim immigration. Most of the asylum seekers are Muslims from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed that the United States had “agreed to consider referrals” from the United Nations refugee agency on Australia’s refugees.

More here from al-Jazeera.

These “refugees,” which are like so many others NOT actual refugees, but economic migrants, are mostly Muslim men (surprise!). The Australian public does not want an invasion of their country, and they don’t want to change Australia by changing the people and their demographics, a major priority of the Obama Regime. That’s why in July, 2013, Australia enacted legislation banning any asylum seekers arriving on boats from Indonesia from resettling there. They have been paying the islands of Nauru and Papua New Guinea to house these people in detention camps. Read here about a Somali woman housed in one of these camps flown to Australia for an abortion after demands by the United Nations. Because these migrants are not allowed to resettle in Australia under any circumstances, she couldn’t just move to Australia and take advantage of their health care system.

Last weekend, President Trump allegedly yelled at Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about this deal that Obama made, calling it a “very bad deal” (gee, ya think?) and saying that Australia is trying to end us “the next Boston Bombers.”

That’s good news, as is the fact that the chairmen of both the House and Senate came out against this heinous deal two weeks after President Trump was elected. Here’s their letter to Lurch aka Sec. of State John Kerry.


The bad news is that, as late as yesterday, the Trump administration was saying that they would honor this deal!! If President Trump believes that this deal is as bad as he says, and could admit the next Boston Bombers, why honor it? He took us out of TPP. Why not this deal, which was done by an administration that wanted to “remake” America by importing the 3rd world here? The Australian PM saw an opportunity to solve a YUGE political problem and he took it.

What you are hearing in the corrupt,  Jurassic media, especially on CNN, is outrage over mistreatment of a valued ally. That’s funny: I don’t remember this sort of hand wringing when the One, B. Hussein Obama (Praise be his name), was dissing the UK and Israel, do you?

If you would like to let President Trump that you fully support his efforts to protect the American public, you can contact the White House here. I suggest that you specifically mention this Australian deal, and say that you agree. Ask why illegal immigrants trying to enter Australia (or any other country for that matter) are the United States problem.

Please let me know in the comments below what you said to the White House, of what you plan to say.

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