WATCH: Obama Say Unvetted Syrians Are Modern Day Version of Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Wait, I thought, the Pilgrims were evil white people who exploited and stole from the noble Native Americans. Now that Jackass Obama can try to exploit them for cynical political reasons, suddenly it’s ok to celebrate them.

Watch, starting at ~2:05, where he lies about these refugees, 97% of whom are Muslims, being subject to the highest security screening. I guess he hasn’t seen the video of his own FBI director stating that we can’t vet these people, and that we have NO IDEA who they are.

No matter. He’s doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about these people, just as he doesn’t give a damn about the “unaccompanied children” from Central America, or the illegal aliens invading our southern border. He views them not as human beings, but future votes for the Democrat party, nothing else.

I love watching this guy, who clearly despises the Founders, the Constitution and idea of American exceptionalism saying that America is the greatest country on earth. Since when does this jackass believe that? Since never!

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How stupid does this clown think you are?

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