Mother of 5 Yr Old Raped by “Refugees” Says They Are Being Treated as Criminals

This post is an update to this post and this one.

The mother of the 5 year old girl sexually assaulted by 3 “refugee” boys from Iraq and Sudan says she and her family are being treated like criminals.


As you know, one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Leo Hohman has been all over the efforts by the Obama Regime and its elite allies to import the Third World, under the guise of “compassion” to “refugees.”

His reporting is where we first learned of the disgusting sexual assault of a 5-year old girl at a Twin Falls, Idaho apartment complex. The crime took place on June 2, but there has been a virtual news blackout on this story, much like the stories about the illegal alien crime spree in the United States. In this case, the U.S. Attorney in Idaho actually threatened people who speak against the “refugee” scheme!

Now, Leo has interviewed the mother (whose name has been changed in the story to protect her privacy) of the little girl, and she is less than thrilled with the handling of the case by the police and prosecutors. From his latest:

More than a month after her 5-year-old daughter was allegedly raped by a child refugee from Iraq, Laney Shelly of Twin Falls, Idaho, says her little girl is still traumatized by the incident while local authorities have denied her access to basic documents such as the 911 transcripts, police and medical reports.

The Twin Falls mother also stands by initial reports, denied by police, that it took officers more than two hours to arrive on the scene after they were called to the Fawnbrook Apartments on June 2.

Meanwhile the family of one of the alleged perpetrators, a 7-year-old Iraqi refugee, continues to live next door to his victim despite having been served with an eviction notice.

Two older boys, both refugees from Sudan ages 10 and 14, were also charged in the incident. Their family left the complex immediately after being served with an eviction notice.

I think that you should read the whole thing. The real interesting thing is–wait for it–that it appears that the immigration status of the perps and their parents is being kept secret. As Leo reports

Another question not being answered is the immigration status of the offenders.

Authorities have only said that the families in question, one from Sudan and the other from Iraq, have been in the United States for two years or less.

That means they are likely not yet U.S. citizens and may not even have green cards, although the latter status is a possibility. A green card affords the holder to legal permanent residency and nearly all of the same rights as a U.S. citizen. If, however, they are still here on visas, that leaves open the option of deportation, Guerry [an attorney consulted for the story] said.

This story is another example of the truth about this whole “refugee” scheme that has been doing on the last 30 years intruding into the touchy-feely official story about the angelic, industrious foreigners coming to America to work and make an important contribution. You know, our strength is in our “diversity.”


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