Update on Somali Jihad Attack in MN

Dog-hating, rape-threatening, black flag wielding Somali thugs invade quiet Minneapolis neighborhood. Isn’t multiculturalism grand?

Note: this post is an update to this post.

Somali rampage in MN update, from WND, eyewitness reports from residents, in this report from one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Leo Hohman who has been following this story very closely:

Sarah Penskey (not her real name) was in her garage unpacking boxes on a sunny morning in late June when she was approached by several bearded Somali men in their early to mid-20s.

It was the last week of Ramadan, and the men were wearing traditional Islamic robes.

The uninvited visitors to this posh Minneapolis neighborhood known as Linden Hills – situated among tall trees just off of Thomas Beach on Lake Calhoun – ground to a halt beside Penskey’s house that morning.

They came in a white RAV 4 Toyota and a dark-colored van, catching her unawares as she walked out of her garage to put something in her trash can.

It was just the day before that another group of Somalis had driven through the neighborhood and approached her as she was turning on her sprinkler, but they were younger, in their late teens and dressed in basketball shorts, not robes.

That younger group complimented her house and her looks. “Hey, you have a beautiful house,” they said. “You’re beautiful, too. Can we move in with you?”

“Thank you. Have a nice day at the beach,” she replied, dismissively, walking back into her house and doing her best to, as she says, “diffuse the situation.”

The older group that showed up the next day was not so subtle. Nor would they be so easily dismissed.

“Hey, hey… hey,” they yelled as she was taking out her trash.


“We want to live in your house. We want to marry you.”

“No, I already have a husband, but have a good day,” Penskey replied.

The men starting jostling with each other and yelling things that were hard to understand. At least five other cars were driving recklessly through the narrow streets, setting off bottle rockets, their passengers hanging off of the door frames, some even riding on the hood, yelling, “Jihad!”

They ran over some neighbors’ lawns and reportedly beat up one resident’s dog.

“Do you know Shariah law?” one of the older men in robes yelled at Penskey.

Penskey knew about Shariah law and its rules for man-woman relationships and Muslim-non-Muslim relationships.

“Yes,” she said, walking back toward her garage.

“We can kidnap you and rape you!” the men shouted back at her.

She shut the garage door and ran inside to call police.

“I didn’t yell at them. I didn’t do anything, just tried to shut the door and get back inside, so it’s like there were some bad apples one day, and then there were some really bad apples the next,” Penskey told WND in a phone interview Wednesday. Her husband was not home during either of her first two encounters with the Somali men.

So how in the heck did this happen? Can you guess? Also from Leo’s story:

The federal government, working with the United Nations, Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services among other agencies, has imported more than 132,000 Somali refugees into dozens of U.S. towns since 1983, according to U.S. State Department data, but the largest contingent has been sent to Minneapolis.

And there’s more!

Local newspaper goes dark on incident

The local newspaper, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, has ignored the incident. And only one TV station, KSTP Channel 5, has covered it.

“And so now it’s being said that it’s all being made up. It wasn’t made up; this happened,” Layer said. “Why it was only being reported on Channel 5, I don’t know.”

Layer said she tried to capture video, “But I missed the part where all the cars were veering around, screaming. Had it been late at night, I think it would have been more dangerous. I wasn’t’ trying to sensationalize it. But on the other hand, it did happen.”

Layer said the Somalis “named a practice” by which they could have four wives. That would be Shariah.

“And she said, ‘Well, I’m married,’ and she just wanted to get in the house,” Layer said of Penskey.

‘Dogs are unclean’

Layer said this is not the first time Somalis using the adjacent beach have targeted dogs in her neighborhood.

“There was an incident involving a girl with the dog, where she had a dog and felt she was verbally accosted by this group,” she said. “This girl at the lake made a police report. They think dogs are unclean.”

Since hearing of that incident, Layer said she takes precautions when walking her own dog.

“I’ve got a dog, and I walk my dog, but I go a different path now. I just don’t need that, so I’m happy to change my path,” she said. “After that happened, yes, I changed my route. I thought, yeah, I’ll just go down this alley and take my dog and come back. I’d rather do that than be confronted by something like that.”

As we have often noted here, and on The Teri O’Brien Show, it’s often the SECOND generation, the children of these “refugees” (actually economic migrants) who are the ones likely to be eager to commit jihadist violence and murder. Phyllis Schafly’s piece makes that point here. From Mrs. Schafly’s piece:

Of the 71 terrorists who were born here, most were children of immigrants or refugees from Muslim countries, although the Senators could not report the exact number because the Obama administration refused to provide that information. Despite four official letters from the U.S. Senators on August 12, December 3, January 11 and June 14 to the appropriate agencies of the U.S. government, Obama’s appointees have refused to answer questions about the immigration status of the 580 persons convicted of terrorism in the United States since 9/11.

Obama’s “remaking” America, changing the demographics of the country to enhance the political fortunes of democrats and exacting payback for “racist Amerika” isn’t without cost, Bitter Clinger. I hope that no one you know and love has to be collateral damage.

What do you think of Obama’s grand scheme and how it’s playing out? How about those vigilant truth seekers in the press and their nearly complete blackout on what is really going on with these “refugees?” Please comment below. Thanks!


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