US Customs and Immigration Services Sent Green Cards to Wrong People

Green cards to the wrong people? How can this be? We are talking about the almighty federal government, after all.

If they can’t figure out to whom to send green cards, how exactly will they vet those “refugees,” 98% of whom are Muslims, before letting them into the country? (Short answer: they’ve already admitted that they can’t!) What a perfect story for St. Patrick’s Day! All about green cards.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

Immigration officials are under fire, following a report indicating that several green cards were sent to the wrong people.

A new report by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) revealed that the number of visas going to the wrong addresses has increased since US Customs and Immigration Services (CIS) installed its Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) in 2012.

“We undertook this audit to answer a relatively simple question: after 11 years and considerable expense, what has been the outcome – right now – of USCIS’ efforts to automate benefits processing?” writes John Roth, DHS Inspector General, in the report. “The answer, unfortunately, is … little progress had been made.”

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