USA Today Headline: Baton Rouge shooter may have embraced bizarre outlook

A bizarre outlook, USA Today? You know the same one embraced by Barack Obama. You’ve got to love our Jurassic media and the lengths to which they will go to present a false narrative beneficial to their messiah.


From USA Today:

Shimon Prokupecz, a reporter for CNN, said a card was found on Gavin Long suggesting he was a member of the Washita Nation, a sovereign citizen movement group that originated in Richwood, La., near Monroe.

That group was founded by Verdiacee Hampton Goston, twice mayor of the mostly black city of Richwood in Ouachita Parish, La. She wrote and self-published Return of the Ancient Ones, in which she said the United Nations registers the Washita people as indigenous.

Goston, also known as Verdiacee Turner and Empress Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw Turner Goston El-Bey, died in 2014.

Spencer Dew, assistant professor of religion at Centenary College of Louisiana, told the Kansas City Star in 2015 that the Moorish Temple itself doesn’t adhere to the citizen sovereignty movement.

The sovereign citizens movement rose to some prominence in the 1970s and 1980s among whites when mortgage foreclosures ruined farmers and embittered small land owners, who believed the government was out to ruin them, the Kansas City Star reported in a 2015 series.

That loose movement crosses geographic and racial lines. Black advocates embrace the belief that African-Americans settled North America before Columbus. They use that tenet and a treaty between the U.S. and Morocco to promote the idea that the U.S. government has no authority over them.

Don’t get me wrong. All of this stuff does sound “bizarre,” but they are leaving out the 300 lb elephant in the room; that is, this murderer was a former member of the Nation of Islam, and a sympathizer of the Black Lives Matter hoax, who said he hated “crackers.” Remember even liberal WaPo columnist Jonathan Capehart admits that “hands up, don’t shoot” never happened. Why can’t Obama say that? Obvi, as the youngsters would say. It’s bad for business! Race baiting is his stock in trade, for Heaven’s sake!

What message does it send when Barack Obama meets not once, but twice, with proponents of this George Soros-funded Marxist hoax, a phrase that could also be used to describe Obama himself? One of the upstanding citizens Obama hosted in the People’s House was the leader of the Minnesota chapter of BLM, the bunch who infamously chanted “pigs in blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

Of course, USA Today could not resist ending their story with this little gem:

Sovereign citizen movements, including Washita Nation, insist they can declare “sovereignty” from federal, state and local governments. Launch of the movement is attributed to the Posse Comitatus, a right-wing, white Christian movement formed in the 1960s that was anti-Semitic.

See it all comes back to those evil white Christians! As far as anti-Semitic, you mean like Obama’s friend Rashid Khalidi or his screeching “pastor” Jeremiah Wright?

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