Useful Idiot Matthew Dowd and RINO Gov. John Kasich: The Teri O’Brien Show, the 3rd Hour

Useful Idiot Matthew Dowd, Gov. John Kasich: Teri O’Brien Show Audio we didn’t have a chance to play during today’s show:

MatthewDowd Useful Idiot Matthew Dowd on This Week: You Cannot Criticize Women. Period.

You can’t criticize Michelle Obama aka The First Klingon? Even as Her Royal Wideness spends millions in taxpayer money to jet set all over the planet? As she forces school children to eat prison food? You can’t criticize Wendy Davis aka “abortion barbie,” even though she’s running for governor?

Governor_of_Ohio_John_Kasich_at_FITN_in_Nashua,_NH_by_Michael_Vadon_02On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Jake Tapper Asks New Liberal Media Darling Gov. Kasich About His Proposal to Ditch Birthright Citizenship

I guess we should be grateful that he didn’t mention that they could stay if they go to church, as  he did a week or so ago. I was really fearing those church attendance stop and frisks. What’s this stuff about “if they are law-abiding?” Aren’t they not law-abiding by definition since they broke our laws by sneaking into the country?

He wants a guest worker program, so of course, he’s got to still be for ending so-called “birthright citizenship,” right? Ah not so much. “We don’t need to go there.” Oh PULEEZE!


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