Objectifying Women File: Vaginas for Hillary

Remember this audio from last year, when I said that one of Hillary’s primary arguments in favor of her candidacy is “Vote for me! I have a vagina.”?


Now, her fellow vaginas are jumping on the bandwagon!


















Remind me again–who is objectifying women and reducing them to their lady parts? And who has turned our popular culture into the sewer that it has become? These women have a message for that evil Donald Trump, who apparently has offended them as much as he offended repellant phony Michelle Obama. Last week she whined about Trump’s lewd language shaking her to her core, which is a roiling cauldron of race-based rage. This from a woman who has invited several rappers to the White House? Has she heard the lyrics these “artists” sing or recite, or whatever the hell they do?

I knew I made the right call when I pulled the plug on this dumb TV show after 2 episodes. By the way, in case you didn’t know, this Lea DeLaria character is a proud, militant “butch lesbian.”

Do negative endorsements like Ms. DeLaria’s tweet help or hurt Donald Trump’s candidacy?


  1. Laura, I had the same reaction, but as you well know, this is who the Left is.

  2. Curious coincidence, eh, Norma? Many very coincidental things going on. As you well know, the pretend news isn’t covering most of what we cover here. We’ve got three weeks, so if you think it’s important, please share these posts. Thanks!

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