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So Anderson Cooper is going to get out of the makeup chair to moderate the debate. I wonder if he’ll intervene when the other 7 candidates try to bully Herman Cain. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think Citizen Cain needs any help from some blow-dried TelePrompTer-reading metrosexual. It’s just that Anderson seems obsessed with bullying. I guess he demonstrates how one wedgie too many on the playground can permanently damage a person’s psyche.

Regardless, this debate should be very interesting. Of course, the other candidates will gang up on the new front runner, the refreshing, plain-spoken Herman Cain, especially on his 9-9-9 plan. While I agree with those who suggest that it’s a huge mistake to give the federal government a national sales tax without repealing the income tax, I don’t expect Mr. Cain to back down. The guy who should back down, as I noted here, is Mitt Romney, as in he should stop saying that the Massachusetts health care law aka “Romneycare” was good for Massachusetts. The evidence is in, and that’s just simply not true. He also needs to retract his endorsement of the man-caused global warming hoax, but failing that, just to show that he’s not the flip-flopping, unprincipled, pusillaminous pantload that some perceive him to be, he should bring back that idiotic snowman from the 2007  CNN democrat debate to thank him for his support for snow people everywhere on Mother Earth.

Will Rick Perry fall asleep on live tv like lefty fossil Harry Belafonte did this morning? Will we, not on live tv, but on our couches? Not if I have anything to say about it! Join our live chat room at Link is right here.

Be there or be square!


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