Veteran kills himself after call to VA suicide hotline goes to voicemail

VA scandal continues on the Obama Regime’s watch. Will someone please ask Hillary Clinton if she includes fixing it in her “make America whole again” program?


From BizPacReview:

An Illinois veteran in distress called the Department of Veterans Affairs’ suicide hotline in July 2015, but no one picked up. So, he laid down on nearby train tracks and waited for death.

The body of 30-year old Thomas Young was found July 23, 2015 after being struck by a Metra train outside of Chicago. The next day, the veteran’s phone rang — it was VA’s emergency line returning his call.

Young had returned from his second tour of Iraq in 2004 with severe PTSD. He tried to go to the Hines VA hospital in Illinois for help with a drinking problem, but they turned him away, saying they didn’t have any space available since he wasn’t suicidal.

His brother said he believes Young called the VA hotline on July 22 or 23. He laid down in front of a train on July 23, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.

He had previously tried to kill himself by passing out on train tracks, but someone always carried him off the tracks before he was hit. He tried to go back to Hines, but was put on a wait list.

The incident was revealed in a hearing Thursday by Sen. Mark Kirk, chairman of the subcommittee on VA appropriations.

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Are you fed up yet? Why do you think that the Obama Regime hasn’t the mess at the VA? Please tell me in the comments below.


  1. Mitt never met a problem he couldn.t duck. Spineless politician!

  2. Thanks, Bill!

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