Victim of “Islamophobia” Arrested in Turkey as Part of ISIS Cell

Has Chuck Todd, who was wringing his hands last Sunday about “Islamophia,”  seen this latest news? Has NBC or MS-NBC reported on it, and by it, I mean the arrest of one of the “victims of Islamophobia” prominently featured on MS-NBC?


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From PJ Media:

A man, who just two years ago was the poster boy for the far-Left media’s attacks against the U.S. government’s no-fly list for “unfairly” targeting Muslims, finds himself and several family members sitting in a Turkish prison — arrested earlier this month near the Turkey-Syria border as members of an ISIS cell.

It’s a long way from 2013 when Saadiq Long’s cause was being championed by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Glenn Greenwald, and Mother Jones, and was being represented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) terror front.

His story got considerable media attention when his CAIR media representatives here pushed the story that Long wanted to return to his native Oklahoma from his current home in Qatar to visit his ailing mother but couldn’t because he was on the TSA’s no-fly list. They said his case represented institutional “Islamophobia.”

Remind me again, please, Obama apologists and similar mush-headed, emotionally-driven types, how “UnAmerican” it is to refuse to admit “refugees” that our government admits it cannot vet.


  1. Nope, nothing to see here but another Brother in arms of the dear POTUS.

  2. I’m really starting to get tired of being accused of “Islamophobia” simply for having the audacity to criticize the abhorrently sickening behavior of numerous Muslims. The term phobia signifies an irrational fear of something such as heights, snakes, spiders, germs, etc. I do not have an irrational fear of Muslims, just a very rational concern for my physical safety. I don’t fear Muslims; I detest their despicable behaviors and have an antipathy for them. I propose a new term that more accurately describes my feelings towards the violent Muslims of the world and that term is “Islamoantipathy”.

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