VIDEO: Why Authorities Think Missing Malaysian Plane Is Not A Re-Enactment of the Plot of “Lost,” But Quite Possibly Hijacked

From Buzzfeed:

With a week having passed since a Malaysian passenger plane went missing, authorities are now considering the potential that the plane was hijacked. Investigators now believe that the plane’s tracking transponders were intentionally disabled and the plane deviated from its planned course, turned West over the Strait of Malacca, and continued to fly or several hours.

Officials believe that the plane, which continued to “ping” satellites for hours after the transponders were disabled, did not crash in the vicinity of Southeast Asia. “If the plane had disintegrated during flight or had suffered some other catastrophic failure, all signals — the pings to the satellite, the data messages. …

United States Air Force Lieutenant Gen. Thomas McInerney, appearing on Fox News Channel on Friday, says he did believe the plane was hijacked and speculated that this plane may have landed at runways in Pakistan or Iran. “I could envision that terrorists could use it, fill it up with explosives, attack a U.S. aircraft carrier,” he said. “Put a nuclear weapon – a prototype on it – hit Israel, the United States.”

Those two guys authorities tagged as the perps did have Iranian passports …

Former CIA Director wonders why, if this event was a hijacking, there has been no “chatter” on social networks. He notes that after 9/11, they lit them up with bragging bout their successful operation. Ah yes, but if in fact this plane was hijacked to be used in a future terrorist operation, the mission is on-going and not complete, no? What say you? Please comment below.

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