VIDEO: Brawling Easter Bunny, Shoplifting Nun & More: Kidders 95

Kidders 95, 3/22/16: Weekly dose of laughs from our weekly comedy hangout, featuring my comedian friends Tim Slagle and Dale Irvin. Please scroll down and enjoy!

Kidders 95: Every week we review the wacky news of the week. This week’s featured personalities: Brawling Easter Bunny, Shoplifting Nun, Gambling Buddhist Monk and lots more!

Do you have a wacky story for us? Please send it us at Thanks!

Which story do you like the best? What do you think of the t-shirt I wore this week, just for Barack Obama? Please tell us in the comments below.

Hey Barack: News Flash! Commies Aren’t Cool!

Stories Covered:

He Thought This Bunny Gig Would Count Toward His Community Service
Newport Mall Easter Bunny, Parent Charged After Brawl « CBS New York

Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves
Religious Sister Charged with Shoplifting Coffee, Soap |

Talk About Your Moment of Zen

Buddhist monk admits misusing Lafayette temple’s money for gambling forays to Louisiana casinos | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Maybe They Need to Go Back to the Fake Orca

Oregon port uses inflatable ‘air dancers’ to scare off sea lions –


  1. The Easter bunny went toe to toe with some ruffian? Really? Did the rabbit die?

  2. I think Jimmy Carter ran into a a crazed bunny like that. IIRC the Secret Service had to gun down the swimming rabbit before it could threaten the then president. It was gunned down like a dog. So I think that answers the question; “What came first the sex-crazed poodle or the crazy rabbit.”

    • If my history is correct, Jimmuh was in a canoe or something and tried to fight the killer rabbit with the paddle. Does that sound right? That masseuse that had that unfortunate run-in with the crazed sex poodle should have taken a big paddle with her when she went to his hotel room, as it turned it out.

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