VIDEO: Clinton Says Mother of Benghazi Victim is Wrong to Call Her a Liar

Uh, no, Mrs. Smith, whose son Sean Smith, was murdered in Benghazi, is not wrong, Hillary, and please wipe the smirk off your face, Hillary. It’s very unbecoming.

During last night’s CNN/Univision debate, Hillary continued her lies about Benghazi.

“Anybody who watched that and listened to knows that I answered every question I was asked?” Nice try, but no, as one who did watch, I can tell viewers who didn’t that you EVADED every question with the same sort of lame yip yap you’re trying to sell here. The Republicans didn’t “admit” anything, and the investigation is still ongoing. The “independent” investigation you refer to, Hillary “named after Sir Edmund” Clinton, the Accountability Review Board, stopped at the under secretary level, and never even spoke to you. It downplayed the role of your deputies, and tried to blame underlings for all the problems that resulted in the murder of Ambassador J. Christopher Steven, Glenn Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith. You are repeating these talking points for the benefit of your uninformed, dullard supporters, but you aren’t fooling us. As far as “politicizing” terrorism, who sent Susan Rice, the U.N. Ambassador, specifically chosen because she knew NOTHING about Benghazi, and would therefore have what they called “plausible deniability” during Watergate, to all the Sunday shows 6 weeks before the 2012 election to peddle this lame “it was the video” story? YOU and Barack Obama!

And by the way, Madame, you were asked a simple yes or no question; that is, did you lie? The answer to that is not “Look,” followed by a tap dance.

Who has more incentive to lie, Hillary, or Mrs. Smith? The question itself shows how ridiculous her lies are.

I love the reaction of the crowd, full of Hillary Kool-aid drinkers, who also cheered when she said she win not be indicted.

My blood is boiling. How about yours?


  1. She didn’t answer the questions she was asked, she avoided answering the questions she was asked. Unabashedly shameless weasel words if I have ever heard them uttered.

  2. Blood beyond boiling. The Clinton Syndicate has more deaths on its hands and the Benghazi tragedy only added 4. And, 4 families tell the same story. Conspiracy, not.
    How about the emails you sent after telling Chelsea and 2 others it was an attacks, not a video. Are we to believe we can not read your emails accurately?
    You and Obama were derelict in your duties. Obama was asleep in prep for Vegas the next day. Hillary was downing another 5th of Vodka and meeting Huma. Slept like babies.
    Conclusion: Neither have souls and hearts of stone.

  3. Dave, are you robot? You have posted this identical comment at least a dozen times! What’s up with that?

  4. And notice, though, that she didn’t say that Pat was lying.

  5. He begged Hillary for more security, and she ignored his requests and the increasingly dangerous situation. She sent him to Benghazi as part of her effort to show how terrifically her Libya policy has worked out.

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