VIDEO: Dr. Anal, Naked Doughnut Waitresses & More: Kidders 94

Kidders 94, 3/15/16: Weekly dose of laughs from our weekly comedy hangout, featuring my comedian friends Tim Slagle and Dale Irvin. Please scroll down and enjoy!

Kidders 94: Every week we review the wacky news of the week. This week’s featured personalities: Richard Simmons, Sen. Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, a guy who dresses up like a ninja with 5-toed shoes & yanks the crank in public, Russian entrepreneurs with a new way to deliver your message, and lots more!

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Happy Super Tuesday, Part Deux! Beware the Ides of March (and I do mean you, Marco!)

Stories Covered:

Richard Simmons “kidnapped?”
Richard Simmons Insists No One ‘Kidnapped’ Him

Sweden’s ‘Doctor Anal’ loses his medical licence – The Local

One way to make sure your message gets read

Boobs are big business for Russian messaging startup Tittygram –

Do you recognize this guy? (And if you do, you must know him REALLY well)

Police Need Your Help In Capturing “Masked Masturbator” Who Is Targeting Seattle Residence | The Smoking Gun

And detectives had to visit this establishment several times just to make sure they weren’t mistaken

City Trying To Close Bikini Coffee Shop Accused Of Serving Nudity « CBS Los Angeles


  1. That’s incredible. You mean to tell me the licensing authority in Sweden would revoke some genius doctor’s license for inventing “Assburn”?

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