VIDEO: Drug Offenses are “Non Violent Crimes?” Top Cop Blasts Obama Pardons, Says We’ll Pay in Blood and Tears

"Psychoactive Drugs". Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons -

“Psychoactive Drugs”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons –

Releasing hundreds of thousands of illegal alien criminals, including over 100 who have committed murder, is apparently not enough “hope and change” for Barack Obama. Now he is releasing those convicted of “non violent” drug offenses.

We know that the Obama Regime has released thousands of illegal alien criminals (over 36,000 in 2013, another 30,000 in 2014) and  as the Washington Times reported in June,

More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings, according to government data released Monday that raises more questions about whether immigration authorities are doing enough to detail illegal immigrants awaiting deportation.

Apparently that’s not enough “hope and change” for our progressive Dear Reader. Last month, he commuted the sentences of 46 people convicted of “non-violent” drug crimes. Naturally, he took the opportunity for some well-deserved self-congratulation. Watch this video of this dimwit signing the letters to the lucky criminals rewarded by the One:


Non-violent crimes? Here’s how stupid this man is. His own adopted home town, Chicago, is a hot bed of murder and mayhem. Why? Because of the drug trade! Whenever a football star or honor student gets caught in the crossfire, this jackass exploits the tragedy as an opportunity to express his contempt for the 2nd Amendment, part of that icky document of “negative liberties,” the Constitution that he completely despises. Never does he mention the fact that it is drug dealing that fuels the violence, not the rights of law abiding Americans.

Now, to compound his stupidity, he issues these commutations. One cop has had enough. Jon Adler, president of Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, blasts this wrong-headed policy in a piece in Police Magazine:

The answer to prison overcrowding is not to let these peddlers of death roam free. As Steve Cook, president of the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys notes, “More than 15,000 convicted drug traffickers will be released from federal prison over the next two years due to recent amendments to the federal sentencing guidelines.” So why the urgent need for the president to commute the sentences of these 46? What was so extraordinary about these prisoners? Perhaps the insight and perspective of the arresting law enforcement officer for each of the 46 should have been considered before the president made his decision.

In a July 13 Wall Street Journal article titled, “Obama Cuts Sentences of 46 Drug Offenders,” White House Counsel Neil Eggleston asserts too many “nonviolent” drug offenders have been incarcerated too long. He wrote, “These unduly harsh sentences are one of the reasons the president is committed to using all the tools at his disposal to remedy unfairness in our criminal justice system.” In pursuit of making the criminal justice system more fair, the president has opted to ignore the real risks and danger presented by drug traffickers. Instead, he chooses to perpetuate a narrative that these felons are harmless hippies.

Did the president’s staff perform the due diligence to conclude that these 46 convicted peddlers of death are nonviolent and unfairly sentenced? It doesn’t look like it. To date, we haven’t seen a credible risk assessment for each of the 46.

Did the president or his staff consider why the vast majority of drug arrests are not done via voluntary surrender? Drug traffickers are by necessity violent. Their crimes yield death in the form of overdoses, street crimes by users who need money to buy drugs, and bullets sprayed in turf battles.

In reading the scorecards for each of the 46, we see either conspiracy or actual distribution charges. In some instances, a firearm was involved. What’s missing from these scorecards are the drugs involved and the weight. We also don’t see anything to substantiate that each of the 46 had no gang or organized crime affiliation.

In a press release last month Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) stated that he and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) have written to Attorney General Loretta Lynch with a series of questions about the criminals who will be released; specifically:

1. The number of offenders who are eligible to be released from BOP custody pursuant to Amendment 782, and the number of offenders who have projected release dates;

2. Each offender’s full name, as well as any known aliases;

3. A description of the offense for which the offender is presently incarcerated;

4. The length of the offender’s present sentence, including the amount of time the offender has served and the amount of time the offender will not serve as a result of the early release;

5. The offender’s country of citizenship, and whether BOP has notified or intends to notify ICE about the release of any unlawful criminal aliens;

6. The offender’s projected release date, and

7. A description of the criminal history for the offender, including dates of prior convictions and prison terms served for those convictions.

The release also states “Overall, the Sentencing Commission has estimated that 46,376 prisoners are eligible for early release under Amendment 782 – with nearly 8,000 offenders eligible for immediate release on November 1, 2015.” The release says that Rep. Goodlatte and Sen. Grassley are looking for answers by 8/15/15.

We are in contact with Rep. Goodlatte’s office, and we’ll report back on whether the Attorney General has provided the information requested.


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