VIDEO: Happy Constitution Day, Obama Style!

Or as they say at the White House, Happy Document of Negative Liberties Written by Evil European White Men Day! How are they celebrating? Perhaps they can listen to the former “Constitutional Law Professor” (yeah right) hold forth on the many deficiencies of this document that Obama and his merry band of Marxists have been working overtime to ultimately destroy. Or is that degrade? I’m still having trouble figuring that whole thing out. To get things started, they can enjoy this vintage audio, demonstrating that our Dear Reader’s views about the Constitution were clear and on the record all the way back in 2003 (any of you Obama voters out there ready to apologize yet?)

Like every other thought this clown has, of course, this crap is not original. As the brilliant Mark Levin has frequently reminded us, we are living in a post-Constitutional age, but it didn’t start with Obama. In his book Whither Bound, FDR warned “progressives and radicals” that they weren’t going to win most elections, so when they were lucky enough to trip people into voting them in, they needed to use the courts to impose things on the people that they would never enact at the ballot box. ObamaConstitution

So, Happy Post-Constitution Day. Is there any hope that we can turn this thing around? What say you?

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