VIDEO: Have You Seen The Kidders? Yes, I am One, and We Do Live Comedy Every Week.

Yes, live comedy! I don’t think I mentioned that last month I joined my friends, Dale Irwin and Tim Slagle, in a weekly Google Hangout in which we discuss wacky news stories. Even though I always say “I do the comedy, ” I was very flattered that two real life, professional comedians like Dale and Tim invited me to join their weekly dose of funny, although I suspect it’s because they know they need some adult supervision, or at least someone to post the bail.

Here’s our latest episode, in which we discuss the following stories:

Attempted Drill Thief Made ‘Chicken Noises,’ Ran Away: Cops

University student union bans free Tex-Mex sombreros for being ‘racist’ – Telegraph

Man with waaaay more than one sausage in pants busted in Fort Pierce

Look: Agency warns against eating semi crash cheese –

Indian farmer urinating in a field left in agony after a snake bites him on the penis  | Daily Mail Online



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