VIDEO: Hillary Says Trump ISIS “Best Recruiter”

Hillary blames another video, and Donald Trump, for Islamist terrorism. There she goes again! Trump has demanded an apology. (Today Show video here.)

We discussed on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, during Saturday night’s Democrat debate on ABC, Hillary claimed that ISIS shows potential future head chopping lunatics videos of Donald Trump to get them to join up.

Seriously? Again with the video story?

What has more to do with the mess in the Middle East and the advance of ISIS: Donald Trump’s comments or Obama and Hillary’s failed foreign policy? The answer is so obvious that the question is rendered rhetorical.

I wonder if, as she did when George Stephanapolous asked her during her December 6, 2015 appearance on “This Week, she will deny ever saying that a video was the cause of terrorism. During that show, she claimed that she never told the families of the Benghazi victims that their loved ones were killed because of a YouTube video that no one saw.


  1. This is just another rehash of the tired old CAIR talking point about how Muslims would not be trying so hard to kill us if we would just stop doing the things that irritate Muslim sensibilities. The problem with this twisted logic is that the fact that so many non-Muslims are still drawing breath is what irritates the average ISIS member’s sensibilities.

    ISIS is using the opportunity to own your own sex slave and to participate in the torture and murder of infidels as an incitement for recruiting. They don’t need to show videos of Donald Trump to close the deal. Trump’s political grandstanding is way down at the bottom of the list when it comes to selling points for joining ISIS. This claim is just as believable as the widely ridiculed claim that the Benghazi attacks and the murder of our ambassador was because of a Youtube video that very few people ever saw prior to the attack.

  2. She started lying wen she was on the Watergate committee, and her lying but was terminated. She belongs in jail.

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