Voter ID – Racism spreads beyond the polling place!

The poor in America are really getting the shaft, but thanks to the democrats, at least they can vote. While the republicans attempt to deprive minorities and the poor of their voting rights by requiring photo IDs, the issue goes well beyond voting. Here are some of the other things the poor cannot do because of oppressive ID requirements:
– Claim their lotto winnings. Lotto winnings must be reported to the IRS at the time of collection. In order to do that, you must provide proof of identity. THIS MEANS THAT ONLY THE RICH CAN WIN LOTTO!
– Buy cold medicine. Since the main ingredient in the most popular and effective cold medication is now a controlled substance (people use it to make methamphetamine,) the poor and minorities CANNOT BUY IT! This means that they must suffer through their colds, while the rich can get relief from their symptoms. As if life isn’t tough enough on those who have been victimized by racism and the economic terrorism of capitalism, they also have to sneeze their way through their miserable existences.
– Buy guns. (Never mind. They seem to be able to get around this one, at least in Chicago.)

So, the bottom line: we live in a cruel society, where the poor and minorities are oppressed. For God’s sake, can we take the measures necessary so that the poor and minorities can participate as fully as we, the well-connected, fortunate winners of life’s lottery?

No, I’m not proposing that we eliminate all requirements for photo identification. That will not solve the problem.  We must ask ourselves, WWFRD (What Would Franklin Roosevelt Do?)  And I think we all know. That’s right. I’m proposing a complete ban on the new Jim Crow – photo identification. The photo ID should be banned by force of law.  Under this ban, when someone asks for proof of identification, they would be arrested.

But if it happens to you, there’s no need to be concerned with having an arrest on your record. At the arraignment, just give them a fake name.

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