VP Debate Haiku

Bombastic Biden

Bullying lying blowhard

His antics thrill Matthews.


Last night we saw Joe

Crazy old man off his meds

No fool like old fool.


Four dead Americans

Joe said Barry didn’t know

Libya’s dangerous.


Joe shows leftist plan

Mock, express outrage and lie

Joe, your time has passed.


  1. technically, those are senryu. Haiku should have a “Kigo” or seasonal reference, and a “Kireji” or “Cutting word” (usually a tool to help increase the irony or juxtaposition of two unique ideas in the poem) It’s a lot to try to jam into 17 syllables, but it’s masterful when it’s done correctly.

    the autumn wind blows
    but not as much as Biden
    goodbye uncle Joe

  2. Og, I’ll say it again. I have the smartest listeners and readers. LOVE your entry!

    • lol. Thanks- and I should have pointed out that this was meant as information and not criticism. As senryu, your examples are awesome too.

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