VP Debate Post-Mortem: Initial Impressions

Did you watch the VP Debate? What was your take? Please let me know in the comments below.

Bottom line: a home run for Gov. Mike Pence, a clinic on how to handle questions from the media

VP Debate

Sen. Tim Kaine came off as petulant, shrill, and a spouter of slogans and predictable talking points. With his constant interruptions, never stopped by the moderator, he came off like an annoying little kid demanding attention at the dinner table while Dad was talking. At one point, as Gov. Mike Pence laid out the case for his ticket, point by point, calmly and with ready facts,  I thought he was going to say “Wait a second, I thought all I was going to have to do was repeat “working families,” “fair share,” and “stronger together.”

As an intellectually stunted democrat hack, Sen. Kaine had to rely on fudging the truth on a number of issues, misleading the audience about Donald Trump’s positions on a number of issues.

For example, Sen. Kaine kept repeating his inaccurate and wrong-headed statement that Donald Trump challenged whether Barack Obama is a “citizen,” specifically, accused Trump of pursuing “the discredited and really outrageous lie that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States,” when of course, the issue Trump raised–and let me take this opportunity to repeat again that I know I am one of only about 6 people who cared about this issue to the degree I did then, and frankly still do-was Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president pursuant to Article II of the Constitution. I don’t think he tried to relate it to the Dred Scott decision, thank God.

In addition, when Gov. Pence mentioned Hillary’s outlaw email servers, Sen. Kaine said that Mrs. Clinton had been cleared by “a Republican F.B.I. director.” Uh no. FBI Director Comey said she dealt with classified information in an “extremely careless” way, and detailed her many lies about it. When Gov. Pence said “If your son or my son handled classified information the way Hillary Clinton did, they’d be court-martialed,” Sen. Kaine said that they would not, which I think is at war with reality.

Sen. Kaine tried to defend Hillary’s plan to throw open the gates to unvetted Syrian “refugees” from jihadist hotbeds by claiming they would be vetted, even though, as Gov. Pence pointed out, that same FBI Director Comey, that Sen. Kaine had previously cited favorably, has said we cannot vet people from these chaotic, war-torn countries. He also praised Hillary’s participation in the Iran deal, claiming it stopped Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Even ABC News said that Sen. Kaine’s claim was false.

The most stunning, and desperate leap into bizarre speculation by Sen. Kaine was when he returned to the New York Times’ recent effort to use illegal activity to smear Donald Trump for his legal use of the tax code to do what nearly every single American does; that is, reduce his taxes as much as possible. The 3 pages of Donald Trump’s 1995 state tax returns, prove NOTHING about whether he has paid federal taxes. What if the loss he carried over was wiped out the following year? That’s why the article couched its accusations with “could have,” and “may have,” leading me to say on last Sunday’s show that Bill Clinton could have, or may have, the bodies of missing young women in the stabbin’ cabin that is above his library in Little Rock. I don’t know. I’ve been there, and I’ve never seen the inside. I have no evidence. But there COULD BE, right?

OK, with that background, when Sen. Kaine raised the issue again of Donald Trump’s tax returns, he said said that part of that 18 years for which Trump hadn’t paid taxes–remember that’s complete unsubstantiated speculation because we don’t know how long he was able to carry any part of that loss forward–was when 9/11 occurred and that when Hillary was going to bat for New York City, Donald Trump was “fighting a different battle,” trying to reduce his taxes.

Donald Trump never said “All Mexicans are bad,” as Sen. Kaine said.

Lots of talk about Russia and Vladimir Putin. Careful, Hillary. Remember that Uranium One thing?

The moderator, CBS’ Elaine Quijano, tilted toward Sen. Kaine, allowing him to interrupt a lot more often, and doing the CNN on Pence. The CNN, named that because it is frequently practiced by Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper, occurs when the “journalist” corrects a Republican and presents the Democrat talking point response to whatever he or she just said.

More to come.

What did you think?


  1. Linda, I am sincerely curious. What did specifically where those 3 lies? Thanks.

  2. I disagree, Mike. I know that Mike Pence is very well aware of every single thing that Donald Trump has said that can be used against him. Good grief, how can he not know? My two dogs, who are the room with me as I write and work on show, know because every single democrat hack on television has been bleating about these same “insults” for over a year. They don’t talk about policy. They can’t for the same reason Obama couldn’t; that is, had Obama emphasized what he wanted to do, he never would have been elected. Don’t get me wrong. Well-informed people knew what Barack Obama was, and is: a hard-wired radical leftist with hostility toward the Constitution (I’m leaving out the narcissism, history of drug use, and unsavory associations his entire adult life), but the emotionally-driven, low-information people that they were trying to appeal do didn’t know, and since the dinosaur media didn’t vet him, there is no way they would find out. That was the genius of the Obama campaign; specifically, mobilizing this “American Idol” cohort.
    So, rather than no knowing, Mike Pence was determined to keep the discussion on issues, not a back and forth about supposedly mean things that Donald Trump said as a private citizen.

  3. Henry, I have never heard Gov. Pence “promote” electric shock therapy for anyone. Where and when has he done that? I personally can think of a few liberals who would benefit from some, but that’s just me. As for the economic statistics, as I mentioned to Mike DeVirgilio:
    And even if accurate, why would I vote against the ticket because of Indiana’s ranking in some arbitrary economic growth poll?

  4. Mike, when Gov Pence made the comment to which you refer, he was stating what is a very painful reality; that is, that government economists and politicians can claim that the economy is booming, and that there are a gazillion new jobs all they want, but people know that most of these “great” new jobs are part time w/o benefits, and that they are making less than they did 15 years ago. They know that their health insurance is more expensive and covers less.So, politicians can cite the unemployment numbers, but they don’t reflect the reality of people’s lives in this stagnant economy. Perhaps you are one of the lucky people who hasn’t suffered in the Obama economy. I hope so, but that is not the experience of many Americans.

  5. Pepe, I definitely agree that Mike Pence is 1000x more qualified to be president than Tim Kaine. The Husband calls him “George Costanza” because that’s who Kaine reminds him of, and I think there’s really something to that. As for the landslide victory, from your lips to God’s ear!

  6. Yes, Melissa, she did allow Sen. Kaine to interrupt about 70 times, but I expected her to be on Kaine’s side.

  7. Raul, how do you know that Donald Trump didn’t pay taxes for the last 18 years? Even the New York Times, in their use of illegal activity to write a story about Donald Trump’s perfectly legal use of the loss carryover, which ALL businesses, including the New York Times used in 2014, didn’t say that. They said he “may have” or “could have” not paid taxes using that nearly $1 billion loss carry forward. They don’t know. If he made $1 billion in the next year, that loss would have been wiped out, and he would be back to paying on earnings the following year. By the New York Times logic and use of innuendo, as I said here, and on my show last Sunday, if I said “Bill Clinton could have the bodies of missing young women in the stabbin’ cabin above his presidential library in Little Rock, where he apparently gets foot massages from 20-year old interns–some people NEVER learn–I would be perfectly correct. He may have those bodies stashed there. I don’t know. I have no evidence, but you don’t either, and so when I say he MAY HAVE and COULD HAVE, my speculation and innuendo is accurate.

    I understand that most people don’t run businesses or have exposure to our complex tax code. I practiced real estate law for several years, so I do know something about this stuff.

    In any case, at the end of the day, Raul, most Americans care more about what WE pay in taxes, not 3 pages from state tax returns in 1995. Desperation much?

  8. I agree with Sheriff David Clarke: there were points at which I thought we were about to have a Howard Dean moment from Sen. Kaine.

  9. I will put you down as a doubtful for supporting Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Seriously, I know you don’t support them, but why must liberals always characterize people that they disagree with as suffering from some sort of “mental illness?” Do liberals really believe that if you don’t share your world view you are insane? Isn’t that a tad over the top? As you can see from my analysis, I disagree with you. I think Pence acquitted himself very well. He was calm, prepared and refused to be dragged across the dance floor by Sen. Kaine. And I am not insane or suffering from a mental disorder.

  10. Carolyn, as I often say, the pretty much captures it.

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