Waco: 21 Years Ago Today, The U. S. Government Incinerated Americans on American Soil


Like so many things handled by Bill Clinton’s Attorney General (can you say “Elian Gonzalez?), the 51-day siege in Waco, Texas did not end well. After over 80 Americans, including 17 children, died in this botched operation launched allegedly to protect children and to enforce federal gun laws. Isn’t it interesting how democrat attorneys general end up killing Americans when they indulge their hatred of the 2nd Amendment? Waco4

You can watch the documentary “Waco: Rules of Engagement” for free here. Here’s what film critic the late Roger Ebert, a well-known liberal and also no fan of the 2nd Amendment said about this excellent film:

What comes through strongly is the sense that the attackers were “boys with toys.” The film says many of the troops were thrilled to get their hands on real tanks. Some of the law-enforcement types were itching to “stop standing around.” One SWAT team member boasts he is “honed to kill.” Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” was blasted over loudspeakers to deprive those inside of sleep (the memory of that harebrained operation must still fill the agents with shame).

When the time came, on April 19, 1993, the agents were apparently ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Heat-sensitive films taken by the FBI and interpreted by experts seem to show FBI agents firing into the compound, firing on an escape route after the fires were started, and deliberately operating on the side of the compound hidden from the view of the press. No evidence is presented that those inside started fires or shot themselves. Although many dead Davidians were indeed found with gunshot wounds, all of the bullets and other evidence has been impounded by the FBI.

Whatever happened at Waco, these facts remain: It is not against the law to hold irregular religious beliefs. It is not illegal to hold and trade firearms. It is legal to defend your own home against armed assault, if that assault is illegal. It is impossible to see this film without reflecting that the federal government, from the top down, treated the Branch Davidians as if those rights did not apply.

Of course, Ms. Reno and the Clinton administration hired RINO former senator John Danforth of Missouri to write a report that exonerated her and the feds. They spent $17 million on that white wash

I guess these folks in Waco were just “domestic terrorists,” right, Sen. Reid?

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