Oh Wait …Obama Regime Changes Story on Uncle Onyango

I hope you’re sitting down. It turns out that Barack Obama may have lied. From USA Today:

Two years after saying President Obama had not met an uncle who faced deportation, the White House said Thursday that Obama lived briefly with him back in the 1980s.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said that Obama met Onyango Obama when he arrived in Cambridge, Mass., in the late 1980s to attend Harvard Law School; Obama stayed briefly with his uncle until his new apartment was ready.

Carney said the White House staff based its 2011 claim that the two had never met on a review of the documentary record — including Obama’s memoir(emphasis mine)— and had not asked the president himself.

Sure, because Obama forgot to tell Bill Ayers this part of the story. It wasn’t in that mess of a box of notes that the One dropped off at Prof. Ayers’ Hyde Park home in the hope that his mentor could turn it into a book.

There are more twists and turns in this guy’s personal biography than there are in the many shifting stories about Benghazi.


  1. At the moment, my wife is watching the network news… “The One” mmm mmm mmm, was giving his praises to the late Nelson Mandela and during his eulogy, said “Madela now belongs to the ages.” Guess he just couldn’t say “GOD” could he? Oh, no…. that’s because obama thinks he is god.

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