Wait-There’s More: Stephanopolous Scandal Like an Onion, Layer Upon Layer


Stephanopolous Scandal Widens

Or maybe I should say one of those Russian nesting dolls to keep the lefty motif intact. From the Washington Free Beacon, which exposed this latest in a long-series of episodes in which the ABC “News” anchor behaves like a democrat political hack, his donation of $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation:

The ABC News spokesperson who rebuffed the Free Beacon’s request for comment on George Stephanopoulos’s undisclosed donations to the Clinton Foundation also worked in the Clinton administration.

Heather Riley, spokeswoman for ABC News programs Good Morning America and This Week, worked in the White House press office from 1997 to 2000, according to her LinkedIn profile, and is a member of the Facebook group “(Bill) Clinton Administration Alumni.” White House records show that Riley’s duties included serving as a press contact for then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.

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And then there’s also this Free Beacon item, about Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager being mentioned in the dedication to Stephanopolous’ 1999 book, All Too Human:

George Stephanopoulos thanked Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook in the acknowledgement section of his 1999 tell-all memoir All Too Human.

Stephanopoulos’ book, described as “a new-generation political memoir” of a man “who got his hands on the levers of awesome power at an early age,” was written after he left the Clinton administration and returned to his alma mater Columbia to be a visiting professor.

Mook was an undergrad student at Columbia during Stephanopoulos’ brief tenure and was already politically active. He was a member of the College Democrats and was active in Democratic politics in his home state of Vermont.

Mook was also part of the team of interns who worked under Stephanopolous’ research assistant at Columbia, responsible for “reviewing thousands of pages of public records and making sure I got my facts straight,” wrote Stephanopolous.


In recent years, I have begun to believe that our country’s descent into madness started in 1992 when we elected Bill Clinton, the warm up act for the Marxist jackass we have currently occupying the Oval Office, because it was then that the Left was able to insinuate itself into so many institutions, including the Lame Stream Media. Yes, they were already biased, but the Clintons represented the ascendency of the 1960’s into positions of power.

God help us.


  1. The onion analogy works, too. The undisclosed bias is enough to make a grown man cry!

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