Wapo’s Chris Cillizza: Hillary May Not Recover Until Late October

October? So does this mean she won’t be able to make the first debate scheduled for Monday, September 26? Or is this just setting up an excuse for poor performance?

CBS edited out Clinton saying “because frequently, well not frequently” just for time, you cynical, Bitter Clinger!

From The Washington Post, in a column by Chris Cillizza, one of those who originally characterized anyone who raised questions about Hillary’s health as nutjobs, headline “Hillary Clinton may not recover from her pneumonia until late October,” quoting Dr. Steven Simpson:

Men and women 65 years of age and up — e.g. both presidential candidates — are particularly susceptible to pneumonia, which is a very common cause of death among the elderly. However, the prognosis for pneumonia that does not require hospitalization is quite good. Although a person of this age should be able to function to do their job within a few days – if they take adequate time to rest and recuperate – longer if they try to work through it, it generally takes four to six weeks to feel back to normal, in terms of stamina.

Some diseases, such as chronic heart failure, chronic lung diseases (emphysema, COPD, or pulmonary fibrosis), chronic liver disease (cirrhosis), chronic kidney disease, alcoholism, cancer and/or cancer chemotherapy, chronic immunosuppression for arthritis or related diseases are associated with especially high risk of pneumonia and of recurrent pneumonia. Patients who have had a stroke or who have a chronic neuromuscular disease, such as muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) may have impaired swallowing and mechanical defenses against pneumonia. Adults of any age with any of these risk factor should have a pneumonia vaccine.

So what is the matter with Hillary? Will she ever get back to her grueling campaign schedule (in which she took practically the whole month of August off to rest)?


  1. Such a congenital liar. She will never change.

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