Warning to GOP 2.0: Don’t Be a Pawn in Obama’s Cynical Political Game on Syria

Early this morning, I read about the Obama Regime’s “flood the zone” strategy to suck members of Congress into providing political cover for him after his off the cuff and off the PrompTer, foot in mouth “red line” comments about Syria. Now I see this bizarre headline: “White House confident on winning Hill support on Syria but scrambling to get votes” From the article:

The Obama administration, bolstered by evidence the Syrian government used lethal sarin gas on its own people, expressed confidence Sunday that Congress would back President Obama’s decision for a military strike on the Middle East country.
However, the president and his inner circle worked furiously over the weekend to win congressional support, appearing on Sunday shows, holding classified briefings and making calls to Capitol Hill leaders.
A senior administration officials told Fox News that the president, Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made phone calls on Sunday to senators and House members urging them to vote in favor of the authorization of military force in Syria.

Seriously? They’re “confident on winning,” but “scrambling?” What’s wrong with this picture? Unless they have nude pictures of the wives and mothers of every member of Congress, I see no basis for their confidence, unless they’re counting on the frequently displayed spinelessness of the Congress critters. Point taken, but the American people don’t want another war, especially one conducted as if it was designed by our enemies. Let’s see. How can we make this military engagement successful? Let’s make sure we don’t tip our hand, so the bad guys don’t have any idea when we’re going to strike. Oh wait–too late for that. And our brilliant Commander-in-Chief, whose previous battle plans successfully defeated his political opponents by getting his sleazemeister David Axelrod to arrange for sealed divorce records to appear on the front page of the Chicago Tribune, has said that this mission isn’t “time sensitive.” This ingenious strategy guarantees that if and when he lobs a missile or two into Syria, it will land on a quickly erected kindergarten, nursing home or maternity hospital. Way to go, Genius! There is no clear objective. There is no exit strategy. There is no point. other than to help Obama save face after he stepped in it. We don’t have the money. We would be aiding forces allied with al Qaeda. Stop me before I write another thousand reasons that this Syrian misadventure is a bad idea.

As CNN’s Fareed Zacharia said yesterday (we played the audio for you on yesterday’s show), the last 48 hours are a case study in how NOT to conduct foreign policy.

Trust me. You need this book if you want to understand the nightmare that we’ve been living through since January 20, 2009.Grab your copy here.

I urge my Republican friends, and their Democrat colleagues, to consider think about something, something that will answer every question about what you should do. When does Barack Obama ever focus all of his time and energy on anything? Is it when he is acting to advance America’s standing in the world? To strengthen and grow our economy? To free the dynamic energies of the American people and create prosperity? NO! The only time he focuses like a laser beam is when he is trying to advance his own power so he can deliver the coups de grace to unfair, racist Amerika. This idea is all about the 2014 elections. Don’t fall for it.

I warned Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) about getting played by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on the issue of amnesty for illegals.

This sort of thing is why my work is never done.


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