Was Bystander-in-Chief’s Dithering “Decision” to Jump Into Syrian Mess Another Shiny Object?

Remember the swooning and slobbering that we endured after Barack Obama’s Cairo speech in 2009? Back then, the brilliant pundits predicted a beautiful new era of peace, love and understanding in the centuries-old powder keg that is the Middle East, simply because of the majestic and healing presence of the magnificent new president. Flash forward to today, and face the ugly, and very obviously predictable, reality of that region: the Muslim Brotherhood large and in charge in Egypt, Libya so dangerous that after our ambassador and three other Americans were murdered there last year, the FBI had to wait 2 weeks to investigate, and Syria exploding, with Iran and Russia turning the tide in favor of Bashar Assad. It has been nearly two years since Barack Obama stated “Assad must go!” Apparently, the Syrian dictator and the game-changing allies who are helping him win didn’t get that memo. They appear to be immune to Barack’s alleged irresistible charm and persuasion. After dithering for nearly two years, and probably egged on by Bill Clinton’s calling him a wuss, our Dear Reader finally acted decisively, sort of. He demonstrated courageous leadership by striding to the podium to announce that Assad’s actions will not stand! Not really. Actually, he sent some guy named  Ben Rhodes out to make the announcement. Ben Rhodes? Who is he? Are you freakin’ kidding me? I half expected a reporter to ask him a question and have him reply “I don’t actually work here, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” It would have been like George W. Bush sending Barney’s dog walker out to announce the beginning of the liberation of Iraq. Was this somewhat ill-formed new policy announced to divert attention from Barack and Michelle’s latest effort to enjoy their well-deserved reparations, a little excursion to Ireland, followed by a $100 million trip to Africa on our dime?

In other profiles in courage, listeners to last week’s show were the first to hear about Sen. Marco Rubio’s Eddie Haskell moment, in which he appeared to do a 180 on the issue of border security. We’re being told that he is walking that back, but if that’s true, why did he vote against the Grassley Amendment? We’re also being told that Sen. Cornyn’s border security amendment to the Gang of 8 proposal will make everything all right, although some criticized it as simply a way to give Republicans political cover to vote for amnesty. Is it that bad, or is it actually wors

In another example of events that are both hilarious and depressing at the same time, FBI director Robert Mueller appeared before the House Judiciary Committee. You will not believe the ridiculous answers that he gave to questions from Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Troy Gowdy, and Rep. Louie Gohmert. Who is Abdurahman Alamoudi and what connection did he have to the Boston bombing, one that seemed to have eluded the FBI until after the fact? What is the FBI’s Operations Review Committee, and what role did CAIR (the Council for American-Islamic Relations) and the ACLU have in creating it to ensure that mosques were exempt from any anti-terrorism surveillance?

On this Father’s Day, author Taleeb Starkes will join us to talk about what he describes as the dysfunctional and criminal subculture in the black community. Is he correct? If so, how does the high rate of illegitimacy in the black community contribute to the existence of this subculture?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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