Washington State to Enforce Penalties Against “Faithless” Clinton Electors

Gee, I wonder if Martin Sheen and those “celebrities,” most of whom were unrecognizable, knew what they were starting by telling the electors to “vote their conscience.”

From Lawnewz:

The Washington State’s Secretary of State’s Office confirmed to LawNewz.com that they plan to pursue civil penalties against the four Electors who defected from the State’s popular vote, and opted not to vote for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 3 electors voted for Colin Powell, and a fourth elector cast his vote for Faith Spotted Eagle, a member of the Sioux Nation and an activist against the pipeline. The remaining 8 Electors voted for Clinton.

“We will be enforcing the law. We are working with the Attorney General on this, we have never had to impose this law before,” David Ammons, the communications director for the Secretary of State’s Office, told LawNewz.com. 

According Washington’s law, (RCW §29.71.020)/RCW 29A.56.340a “faithless” elector who votes for a person or persons not nominated by the party of which he or she is an elector is subject to a civil penalty of up to one thousand dollars.

Guys, maybe you should consider blowing in a call to Michael Moore.


What’s more fun, watching Donald Trump officially win the election or watching these butthurt sore losers whine about losing?


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  1. I have to admit I’m enjoying the butt-hurt displays of disappointment the most.

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