Wasn’t The Obama Administration Going to Be “The Most Transparent” in History?


WaPo LSM lib (I know redundant) disappointed in Obama administration lack of transparency

Sunlight Foundation chides Obama administration for becoming less transparent leading up to the election. (There’s a shock)

Remember? From Politico:

President Barack Obama set a high bar for open government, and he set it quickly.

A minute after he took office, the White House website declared his administration would become “the most open and transparent in history.” By the end of his first full day on the job, Obama had issued high-profile orders pledging “a new era” and “an unprecedented level of openness” across the massive federal government.

But three years into his presidency, critics say Obama’s administration has failed to deliver the refreshing blast of transparency that the president promised.

I was thinking about that as I watch the Lame Stream Media frenzy over another exciting “crisis,” the “Fiscal Cliff.” So is Sen. Jeff Sessions, who asks

“Why doesn’t the American people know what it is the president would like to see as the final idea for America’s financial future?” he asked host Greta Van Susteren.

Barack Obama notoriously broke his promise to have C-SPAN cameras in the room while his health care scheme was being written and debated. Now that we’ve seen that disaster, I guess we know why. Here’s an opportunity for him to do the right thing by holding these talks openly and publicly. Once again, though, he seems uninterested in doing that.

Is it possible that he could be hiding something from the American people as he and Speaker Boehner debate our country’s financial future?


  1. Right–that’s how transparent he and his promise are. Irony.

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