WATCH: Most Bizarre TV Interview Ever, Kurt Eichenwald with Tucker Carlson

Kurt Eichenwald, an extremely opinionated, anti-Trump “journalist” appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News channel show and hilarity ensued. Actually, it was a bizarre display of insanity. The huge three-ring binder of Tucker’s “falsehoods” is a nice touch, don’t you think?

Of course, this interview was overdue. Earlier this month, Tucker interviewed Newsweek’s political editor Matthew Cooper, and asked him not only about Mr. Eichenwald, but also their infamous “Madam President” issue. Cooper admitted that they outsourced the whole thing!

From Newsbusters:

Transcript (bolds are mine [editor’s note-they are in the originally quoted material]):

TUCKER CARLSON: You’ve got this guy, Kurt Eichenwald, who works for you.

He tweeted out in September(link is to a post containing the related series of tweets — Ed.), this tweet. Its says: “I believe Trump was institutionalized in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown (in 1990), which is why he won’t release medical records.”

No evidence of that at all. Newsweek wouldn’t answer any questions about why he did that, or back up his claim. And then they allowed him to keep covering the campaign. Why? That seems really nutty to me, making an allegation like that and not backing it up.

MATTHEW COOPER: Well, I can’t speak to that tweet. I don’t know about it.

Let me just say this, I mean, Kurt’s done some incredible reporting for Newsweek. So, you know, I’m 100 percent, you know, behind what he’s done in the magazine in terms of, you know, sussing through Donald Trump’s finances. He did a great cover a few weeks ago about how Trump’s organization had violated the Cuban embargo —

CARLSON: I mean I’m not saying everything he’s writing is wrong or anything or he’s a bad person or anything. But he’s such an anti-Trump advocate, and it’s so clear on his Twitter feed and in his pieces, you can’t pass him off as a reporter, can you?

COOPER: Well look, I think, I think his writing speaks for itself and people are going to have to judge it as it is. But I think for the stories, you know, leaving his tweets aside, I think, you know, judging from the stories in Newsweek —

CARLSON: Did he write this? (holds up the released and then pulled “Madam President” issue)

Eichenwald is such an “anti-Trump advocate,” using Carlson’s description, that, as Sam Dorman at NewsBusters noted on November 8, “Eichenwald launched a Twitterstorm of ‘top 129 findings from my investigation of Trump'” — all but one negative — on the day before Election Day.

Cooper’s “I know nothing (and I don’t care to know)” response when questioned about Eichenwald’s tweets is so obviously clueless and irresponsible that it makes one wonder how he can possibly stay in the job he currently holds.

Let me answer that for Newsbusters. JOURNALISM IS DEAD, at least as it was practiced at traditional outlets, if it ever was. If you know anyone to whom that isn’t obvious, please ask them to watch Mr. Cooper, an editor at a rag that calls itself a “news” magazine, express complete indifference to the obvious rabid partisanship of one of his “reporters.”

New media (blogs, podcasts and websites) are where journalism moved when it was evicted by the elites in the democrat party. Do you agree? Where do you get most of your news today?


  1. What a Nut job and I’m not talking about Tucker. Weirdest interview I’ve ever seen

    • Yes, he came off as INSANE. He also clearly doesn’t understand the medium, television. Television is not the place for a 10-minute answer to a “yes or no” question. That’s for radio or podcasts, which is why I have always preferred those. There’s no time on tv for context, long explanations, etc. unless it’s C-SPAN. Whenever I used to go on television, members of my audience knowing about the extensive preparation I would do (and still do) for The Teri O’Brien Show, people would ask me how I prepared. I would reply, “I don’t prepare to appear on tv because tv doesn’t have any substance. It just has to APPEAR to have substance.” That’s still true. This crazy, leftist “reporter” clearly doesn’t get that. Like all leftists, he needs time to obfuscate, spin and lie, and TV doesn’t afford that.

  2. What a macaroon! When I was actually a news reporter back in the ’70s, I would have been yanked off the air spit-spot if I tried to pass off this kind of b.s. as legit news. Oh, and the notebook thing? I first saw that on CHiPs back in the ’70s too…. Wow…

    • Wait–CHIPs and the notebook? Can you amplify? I’m going to need more information about that!

      • Well, it may have been Adam 12, or Hawaii 5-0, or Starsky & Hutch… any one of those old cop shows… but the gist of it is, the cops playing “good cop, bad cop”, and the BC would come in with one or two big binders or folders with the perp’s name on it, toss it down on the desk and tell the perp that they had quite the file on the perp… of course, all the pages inside were blank!

        • OMG, I don’t remember that, but yes, it sounds A LOT like what happened here!

        • Also, Msgt, that’s a GREAT technique to use in any negotiation, no? Very intimidating to anyone to think that someone has a YUGE dossier on him or her.

          • Can be a powerful “negotiating” tool…. if done right. Dancing around the whole situation like the Newsweek tool was doing negates any “power” he had/thought he had when he sat down. Hopefully he was wearing his brown pants….

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