WATCH: They Know Nothing: Kimmel Viewers Believe Rob Kardashian Nominated to SCOTUS

What do I always say that you need to remember about low information people, especially millennials who tend to support democrats and liberals? THEY KNOW NOTHING.

From The Daily Mail:

In what Jimmy Kimmel has branded ‘the most shocking edition of Lie Witness News yet’, he had his team tell people Donald Trump had nominated Robert Kardashian to be a Supreme Court Justice.

Seven people in a row believed the late show host’s crew in the segment shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night, with some being outraged while another even thinking the reality star’s relationship with Blac Chyna might help relations between China and the USA,

This video reminds me an awful lot of this one, featuring millennials asked policy questions, back in 2008. Watch, especially beginning at around ~:45.

In 2008, young voters preferred B. Hussein Obama, and his demagogic “hope and change” message, 68-30 percent. It’s not a coincidence that democrats are always pushing to lower the voting age, Kids. The words “democrat” and “demagogue” have the same root for a reason.

Do you think that grownups have an obligation to help millennials become more informed? If so, what have you done to help make that happen?

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