WATCH: Millennial Fool Fears His Family Will Be Deported to Guam

Guam, Which is a U.S. territory. Fool, you are unfortunately typical of too many in your generation. It’s not completely their fault, but a large percentage of them know NOTHING.

I wonder if this guy could find Guam or Japan on a map.

We have often noted here at this blog, and on The Teri O’Brien Show, that whenever Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton wanted to make a campaign speech, they would find the nearest high school or college and assemble a group of backward children to hear their demagoguery. Whenever they cheered the nonsensical ranting, it sounded like the audience of “Bozo’s Circus.” This pathetic idiot protestor shows why.

Grownups will be in charge now, Son, and we will finally have economic growth, so you can get an actual job, and by that I don’t mean getting a few bucks for being part of a rent-a-mob.

More on the unfortunate ignorance of the millennials here.


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