WATCH: Paul Ryan’s Dishonest Tap Dance on Dangerous “Refugees” Entering U.S, Part II

No spin? Bill, you were had during this interview, as previously noted in this post. Speaker Ryan was very dishonest with you.

Dishonest on purpose? The law that Ryan’s House passed in January is a joke. It does nothing to stop the flood of refugees from jihadist hotbeds, and the Speaker knows it. In addition, note at 1:52, responding to O’Reilly’s concern about the Somalia refugees, who have caused major problems, Ryan once again mentions his bill “pausing” the refugee program because it doesn’t work. The problem with this statement is (1) as we’ve shown, that bill does NOTHING to pause the refugee resettlement and (2) even if that bill had paused refugee resettlement, it applied only to refugees from Syria and Iraq. It had NOTHING to do with Somalia. Does Speaker Ryan know that fact? In other words, was he lying, or is he just ignorant?

Of course, Bill is correct about the Somali refugees, as we have noted many times here and on The Teri O’Brien Show. They follow the disturbing pattern that we’ve seen play out in bloody carnage just this past weekend in Orlando; that is, while obviously we do need to worry about ISIS and other terrorist organizations using this “refugee” scam to infiltrate the West, we’ve seen over and over again, that the children of refugees and asylum seekers are the ones committing “jihad.” (See Tsarnaevs, Major Hassan, and the Orlando terrorist). According to one Congressional report, Minneapolis leads the country in would-be ISIS fighters from the U.S. (More from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on the Somali refugee-ISIS connection here in a lengthy magazine piece, “From The Heartland to Jihad.”)

So, to recap, for the reasons stated here and in Part 1, Speaker Paul Ryan wasn’t telling the truth Wednesday night when he appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Will anyone call him on it?


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