WATCH: Trump and Clinton Campaign Operatives Shouting Match at Harvard

Shouting Match: Designed to be part of the historical record, but actually part of the hysterical record, as unhinged liberals refuse to accept election result.

Here is a report on the televised 24/7 insane asylum about an event held at Harvard, designed to be part of the historical record, that turned out to be more of the hysterical record, as it featured a shouting match. Clinton operatives continued their “white supremacist” bleating. They clearly can’t come to grips with losing, and they still don’t get it. At this event,  they blamed everything–FBI Director James Comey, sexism, Russia, white supremacists–but the obvious cause, their terrible candidate and the leftist policies of Obama. Sad, but fun to watch. Enjoy!

It’s clear that Hillary and her minions cannot get over the fact that they lost the election. Yes, it’s pathetic. Yes, it’s sad, but it is fun to watch. Jen, Robby: remember, what your friend Stuart Smalley said, “denial is not just a river in Egypt?

Yes, Mr. Trump, you didn’t just break that “blue wall,” which is apparently about as secure as our soon to be walled-off Southern border, you shattered that sucker. 



  1. Wow, Teri… amazed at how very quick the alt-left media were at blocking this video! “nuttin’ ta see here…move along!”

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