What Watergate Was REALLY About-Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-3-14

The Teri O'Brien Show

What Watergate was really about

Why the Left despised Richard Nixon

The Blood on John Kerry’s Hands, and the Late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (and it’s not just Mary Jo Kopechne’s) VietCongFlag

Rep. Keith Ellison Echoes Useful Idiots of the 1970’s

Joe Biden’s Personal War on Women (Paging Dr. Jill Biden: Prepare your rolling pin!)

White House apparatchik/mouthpiece Dan “Lumpy Rutherford” Pfeiffer, in response to a question from George Stephanapolous on ABC’s “This Week” about the One’s rumored planned amnesty for 3-5 million illegals, tries to clear things up. Even though in November, 2013, B. Hussein said he cannot act without Congress, apparently he’s changed his mind. But wait, what’s the limitation on his lawlessness? The law of course! But wait, didn’t Dan Pfeiffer say that “the law is irrelevant?” He did and that should be the official slogan for this regime.

Bot a surprise: author/investigative reporter Richard Miniter, who has appeared 3 times (at least) on The Teri O’Brien Show, wrote the book Losing bin Laden, which documents the times (note multiple times) Bill Clinton let bin Laden go. Now we have have the tape in which Clinton admits the obvious.

Yes, we dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and we have NOTHING to apologize for

Watergate Articles Of Impeachment (Do any of these crimes sound eerily familiar?)

Committee rejects tax impeachment for Nixon, July 30, 1974 – Andrew Glass – POLITICO.com

A Nemesis Named Nixon — The Alger Hiss Case — Crime Library

History News Network | Hiss Was Guilty

Alger Hiss and the VENONA files (Proof that Hiss was a communist spy)

Former Hillary Press Secretary Refuses to Agree Alger Hiss Was a Communist | National Review Online (Karen FInney, like all the other hosts on MS-NBC is another low-information loudmouth)

Barney Frank ‘Appalled’ By Obama Administration: ‘They Just Lied To People’ (Are you just finding this out?)

Vast Majority Of Americans (Including Hispanics) Want Illegals Returned In Some Capacity – Downtrend

Feds Flying Illegal Immigrant Minors to Hawaii, Alaska; 30K Transported Across U.S. – Minutemen News

60 Years Later | National Review Online

Theodore ‘Dutch’ Van Kirk, navigator on Enola Gay, dies at 93 – LA Times

Book: Female Secret Service Agents Offended Because They Had To Watch Biden When He Was Skinnydipping – Downtrend

Listen: The Day Before 9/11, Bill Clinton Described How He Could Have Stopped Bin Laden, But Didn’t

At White House Gala, Obama Honors Special Olympics – ABC News (Did the One remind them of his late night joke about his bowling?)


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