Were Axelrod Comments Setting Up Holder’s Place Under the Obama Bus?

As I noted here, the House Judiciary Committee is looking into whether Eric Holder lied under oath during his bizarre May 15, 2013 appearance, which featured his infamous “recusal” regarding the subpoenas of AP phone records. Even the democrats weren’t buying his claim that he recused himself, even though he can’t remember when, and he can’t look it up because it wasn’t in writing. Liberal commentators are demanding his resignation, and yesterday, Obama’s sleazy Chicago puppetmaster, David Axelrod signaled that he is close to joining the chorus. The Hill reports that in an appearance on MS-NBC’s “Morning Joe,” he said that he found the spying on Fox New’s James Rosen “troubling.”
Check out the video. The segment begins with CBS’ Bob Schieffer echoing the sentiments of Prof. David Cay Johnston from last Sunday’s show; specifically, when it comes to press access, the Obama administration is far from the “most transparent”in history. It’s just the opposite.

The ultimate irony will be if Barack Obama has to pardon Eric Holder, who himself was instrumental in getting a pardon for international racketeer/tax cheat Marc Rich.


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